You can tell Itoldyouiwouldeatyou are an emo inspired band, if only going by their name. But within seconds of Get Teffified EP’s title track, ‘Get Terrified’, it is clear they will soon be a band that inspire the development of emo, also. Throughout this all too short EP there are so many moments of note, from single phrases, notes and transitions, to the way the entire release flows; this is an incredibly special collection of songs.

The quiet/loud combos that litter emo and post hardcore are present throughout, but there is a level of intricacy to these which is both rare and wonderful. There are obvious and possibly subconscious nods to emo royalty with a vocal delivery that could melt the coldest of hearts, while time signatures, full of intricate changes, are moments of pure pop prowess. Every track is clever and individual but somehow they fit together like a dream; this is accomplished musicianship.

Lyrically this is very important release with gender, sexuality and emotional intelligence taking prevalence. These matters are tackled with considered delicacy and just the right amount of fury to drive key points home. These lyrics combine beautifully with a vocal range that can switch between fragility and fierce as quickly as a turn of phrase. Behind this are hidden vocal harmonies and the kind of musicianship that allows new discoveries on every listen; complexity combines with hooks to create something utterly mind blowing.

The opener ‘Get Terrified’ sets the scene perfectly; combining the most delicate of vocals with a twinkling guitar and eventually soothing brass before ending with a pained vocal, crashing drums and an explosive guitar line. The contrast between the saccharin sweetness and purposeful growl becomes thematic within the EP, in the same way guitars go from twinkling to crashing in a heartbeat. These themes continue during ‘Mourn’, which includes a wonderful moment just before the break down which is similar to the CD skip guitar sound used by Hell Is For Heroes. The breakdown is the heaviest moment on the EP; guitars soaked in feedback compete with a guttural howl, while the drums are pushed to their focus taking limit; it’s an absolutely beautiful racket full of layer upon layer of emotion.

‘Divine Violence’ sees musical themes developed in a completely different way, it seems to embrace absolutely every musical aspect of the Kinsella emo dynasty. The guitars have Cap ā€˜nā€™ Jazz comparisons, the experimentation of Owls and the drive and determination of Joan of Arc complete a very specific musical comparison. Again there is an incredible heavy climax completely crushing the beautiful soundscape. The release then ends with ‘Off Brand’, which shows something completely different; electronic sounds and lighter vocal offering a moment of calm possibly for reflection. The beauty of the previous soundscape is surpassed with a gentle building electronic backing and breathy distant vocals.


Get Terrified is out on April 20th via Alcopop! Records.