Bad Breeding – Abandonment (EP Review)

Coming like a derailed train being driven by a cackling insane conductor, Abandonment is the latest from Anarcho Punk new boys, Bad Breeding. Maybe new boys isn’t the best way to describe them. They’ve been with us since 2013. Sex Pistols were only around for 3 years during their first go. That’s only the first difference. The other is that Bad Breeding is the better band of the two.

Normally when reviewing a record I like to talk about the tempo and rhythm. With Abandonment that all goes out the window as you strap yourself in for a riot speed assault. It might be easy to dismiss the EP as an appeal to distortion; everything is turned up to eleven, and smashed and sung out so quickly that it should give you whiplash. But that doesn’t hold true with the EP; there is a harmony running throughout it, just under the surface that holds it all together. Title track ‘Abandonment’ and ‘Dehumanization’ might feel like a sledgehammer on the senses; they’re both well-crafted and honed sledgehammers than have been worked until they create the emotional effect of angry alienation.

If this is your first time with Bad Breeding, think of them as the heirs apparent to the Dead Kennedys. I’m not saying that they are carbon copies of the Kennedys but it’s clear that they have been influenced by them. The same spirit and passion is infused in their music.

Four songs with a total run time of 11 and a half minutes; you can listen to on the morning commute. In fact do listen to it on your morning commute. If anything it’ll make you hang your boss and collectivise your work place into a home of voluntary association.

There haven’t been as many bands in recent years that seem willing to talk about politics and class in such a way, so it’s refreshing to hear that there are still musicians out there flying the bloodied, torn but defiant flag of Anarcho Punk.


Abandonment EP is out on April 27th via One Little Indian