This week, Belgian punk trio, Teen Creeps unleash their debut album, Birthmark.

Produced by Rory Attwell (Yuck, Veronica Falls), Birthmark combines a mix of rock and punk sounds from the ’90’s, and is full of melodic and energetic gems, such as their latest, mid-tempo single, ‘Mercury‘, and the machine-gun snare filled banger, ‘Sidenote‘.

Although heavily influenced by genre heroes like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr., and latter day greats; Yuck and Cloud Nothings, Birthmark is more than just nostalgia, as the band explain:

“(It’s) guitar rock at the boundary between punk and melody. Not because we are nostalgic, but because we identify with the sound of that time.”

So to celebrate the release, Vulture Hound asked singer/bassist Bert Vliegen to tell us about the 5 records that changed his life…


Yuck – Yuck
When we started this band, this record was a really big deal for us. It used a lot of the great indie rock-bands as an inspiration, without sounding nostalgic or outdated. Especially the song ‘Rubber’ and its video (which still confuses our drummer; is he getting grossed out or turned on by it?) which are absolute classics. When we were considering recording with Rory Attwell, we found out he worked on some of Yuck’s stuff and that made our decision a lot easier.

Hüsker Dü – Zen Arcade
One of the best punk rock records ever made. It really broadened the horizon of what punk rock could be; still electrifying and super fast, but at the same time lush and melodic. The 23 songs on it were recorded in 40 hours, with the band releasing a new album every year. Their insane amount of material and the quality of it while touring quasi non-stop was a huge eye-opener.

No Age – Nouns
A modern classic in our opinion. A band that combines the ferocity of early punk rock and hardcore records with the textures and depth of shoegaze and ambient. This is an album that has the energy and urgency to make you want to jump around like a complete idiot, but at the same has so many beautiful layers and sounds that you can enjoy it just as much on headphones, sitting in the couch. And it’s just a two-piece creating all that noise. What a band.

Dinosaur Jr. – You’re Living All Over Me
This is an obvious choice. Dinosaur Jr. is unmistakably a big influence on our band. On first hearing them, it was like a perfect mix of all the stuff we like. From post-hardcore, to grunge and shoegaze… Plus it had that bitter sweetness to it. And those amazing guitar solos! Dinosaur have made many great albums, but this is still their best one. Every song on it is an indie rock classic.

At the Drive-in – Relationship of Command
This record is really something. These guys were bringing something new to the table back in 2000. The sound, the energy, the experimentation… Almost 20 years later it still sounds as vital and original as it did back then. We are not that familiar with their new stuff, but this album is pretty much perfect. It served as a stepping stone to hardcore, but it has held itself up better than most of that stuff.

Birthmark is out on April 6th via PIAS. Find Teen Creeps on Facebook, and Bandcamp.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.