Before embarking on a massive spring tour across North America, UK and Europe, Boston duo, Vundabar are back with new album, Smell Smoke.

The album opens with ‘Acetone’ and its preppy pop vibes, which twist, turn and entwine into the upbeat tempo. It is organic, yet volatile in parts. The track definitely sets the bar high for what is to follow. ‘Harvest’ creeps in with a slower tempo, yet you shouldn’t bat your eyelids, as it makes you stop and take notice with its dynamic grooves and jagged guitar work. The haunting lyrics are paramount in this lyrical affair.

‘Tar Tongue’ follows with a carefree and light attitude, as you are drawn in to its infectious moves. It is quite endearing and clever with skilled guitars and airy notions. ‘Tonight I’m Wearing Silk’ is next and full of character, with stand out lyrics and it’s upbeat tempo. It is spunkier and edgy while provocative waves ride in to join the gathering.

‘No Person To People’ is next and it is a track which holds its own throughout. It is clear, strong and utterly dominant. ‘Big Funny’ is a big number with so much depth, which you lose yourself to. It is captivating and hypnotic.

‘Diver’ sails along nicely with sultry and seductive motions, as it builds before diving in to the unknown. ‘$$$’ surges forward with rockier tones. It harbours a great contrast between delicate and heavier sounds, they blend together without a second thought. A track full of personality and the longest at six minutes long. ‘Hold A Light’ is the perfect interlude with so much emotion raining through, it makes you stop and feel it at that very moment.

As the album draws to its close with direct, punchy guitars and mesmerising vocals in the form of ‘A Man Loses A Hat’, it feels like you have experienced a story with an array of different emotions. It is raw, pure, and sentimental. If you feel the need to switch off from the world, then grab your headphones, sit back and Smell Smoke. 

Smell Smoke is out now via Gawk Records.