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This week, the world has been gearing up for the Oscars. Tonight at 1am (or, you know – a more reasonable time if you live State-side) the most glamorous film-folk from around the world will be gathering to celebrate their achievements and give awards to those who may or may not deserve it at the expense of others who most certainly do.

Awards may be falsely given out. Actresses may fall over. Diversity could be ignored. Still though, it’s a bit of a romp, and if it’s your sort of romp, then be sure to check out VH‘s Oscar prediction post if you haven’t already.

However, whether you’re for or against the Academy Awards, one consequence of the prestigious ceremony is that in the lead up, everyone’s so focused on who’s going to win what that not a lot of other film news grabs the spotlight. So, it’s a bit of a dry week – which, frankly, is okay by me because I’ve been at work all day and want to go to bed. So let’s get on with it:

‘Thor’ takes the Bifrost of the realm of Men in Black

Chris Hemsworth / Picture courtesy of Marvel Studios

Recently, it was revealed that Sony had given up on their plans to cross over Men in Black and the 21 Jump Street franchise in favour of going full-on reboot/requel. A new series, focused exclusively on the Men in Black and potentially loosely connected to the old films. Think Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jurassic World. It’s its own thing, but it’s not overwriting the older stuff.

Anywho, after the announcement that Fate of the Furious director F. Gary Gray was hired to helm the project, the next big question was of course: who’s going to star?

The answer to that, if Sony gets their way, is apparently Thor star Chris Hemsworth, who will play one of the leads alongside (according to The Hollywood Reporter) ‘a female of color and an older man’ in what’s being described as ‘a global adventure’.

Despite the fact Sony have been struggling to figure out what to do with this franchise for some time at this stage, the film is due to hit cinemas next year, so conclusive casting announcements will surely be on the horizon.

Men in Black shoots into cinemas on June 19th 2019.


Is Keanu Reeves getting ready to dole out vigilante justice?

Keanu Reeves / Picture courtesy of Lionsgate

Keanu Reeves is no stranger to characters that take the law into his own hands. The hugely popular John Wick franchise is a prime example, as although Wick isn’t neccessarily a ‘good guy’, the series starts off with him making the decision to bring down some baddies rather than just reporting a crime he’s suffered through to the cops.

Furthermore, Keanu is also no stranger to the comic-book genre, having starred in the film adaptation of the Hellblazer franchise way back in 2005’s Constantine (although you’d be forgiven for thinking Keanu’s version wasn’t meant to be the same character as the more recent NBC television show starring Matt Ryan, what with the film version having been rather liberal with the character’s look and nationality).

However, going full-on superhero/vigilante? That’s not something we’ve seen Reeves do much of, and now, we may well get our chance.

Apparently, rising star director Rick Famuyiwa’s (Dope) upcoming film Past Midnight has recently been won in a bidding war by Netflix and their need to dole out crazy sums of money for any and all properties they hear of. If their best-made plans go ahead, Keanu will star in the film and we’ll finally get to see what Famuyiwa’s take on the super-hero genre will be after he stepped away from directing Warner Bros’ Flash (now Flashpoint) film.

Keanu will next appear in Replicas on August 24th 2018.


Disney pulls out the big announcements on Justin Bieber’s birthday*

Disney continued their rapid march towards world domination again this week with a pair of announcements – one surprising, one predictable.

The predictable one is that they’re still planning to push out a ridiculous amount of films, as they revealed a vague slate for their upcoming releases:

PENGUINS (Disneynature) now dated on 4/19/19
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 10/4/19
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 11/8/19
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 2/14/20
UNTITLED PIXAR ANIMATION previously dated on 3/13/20 moves to 3/6/20
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION previously dated on 4/3/20 moves to 5/29/20
UNTITLED MARVEL previously dated 8/7/20 moves to 7/31/20
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 5/7/21
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 5/28/21
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 7/30/21
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 11/5/21
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 12/22/21
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 2/18/22
UNTITLED PIXAR now dated on 3/18/22
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 5/6/22
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 5/27/22
UNTITLED PIXAR now dated on 6/17/22
UNTITLED MARVEL now dated on 7/29/22
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 10/7/22
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 11/4/22
UNTITLED DISNEY ANIMATION now dated on 11/23/22
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 12/16/22
UNTITLED DISNEY LIVE ACTION now dated on 2/17/23

To sum up – that’s twenty nine films in the next five years; six as of yet unknown Marvel films (and that’s not even including the ones we already know – Avengers 3 & 4Ant-Man and the WaspCaptain Marvel), three pixar films and whole load of what are probably live-action remakes, amongst other things. But hey, as I said, that’s hardly surprising. It’s just another reminder that Disney already dominates Hollywood.

No, the surprising thing (well, kind of surprising, moreso for Americans than us Brits) was their apparent disregard for keeping schedules, as in a little back and forth with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., they casually announced that they would be pushing Infinity War forward by a week, no doubt giving cinema managers the world over a bit of a headache:

So congratulations America. For once, you don’t have to struggle to avoid spoilers for a week as the world revels in the latest exploits of the various Marvel Super-heroes. Meanwhile, I’m here wondering whether that announcement is just primarily beneficial to America, or if things have been moved forward for us too… I mean, I had the date May 4th in my head… But is that because I look at a lot of American news sites, or was that the UK release date as well?

I feel like I should know this. But whatever the case…

Avengers: Infinity War flies into cinemas on April 27th 2018.

*Oh, also, Justin Bieber, as you’ve no doubt gathered, has nothing to do with any of this. March 1st is just his birthday and popped to mind. Not really sure why I know that.