TRACK OF THE DAY (20/03/18): TT – Love Leaks

Something that has always stood out about Warpaint is how all members of the band share the spotlight. Each fan will always have their favourite, but this never takes away from the individual talents that come together. When it comes to their solo projects then, there is nothing but sheer excitement at the prospect of new material, honing in on one particular’s story.

In this case it is Theresa Wayman, set to release LoveLaws, her solo debut in May under the name TT. Wayman recently announced this news with a sneak peak on her socials of new track ‘Love Leaks’, which is now fully available online. The album serves as a reflection on Wayman over the last fourteen years, exploring her growth through loneliness alongside her strong romantic character.

Opening with a piercing buzz of synth, ‘Love Leaks’ comes across initially abrupt before melting smoothly into its main body. With TT, Wayman is the voice, the bass and the synth as well as her usual guitar, whipping up epic emotion in her new album, a journey that with one song alone is deeply personal. A little moody in places, this track is not necessarily melancholic, just far too real.

Wayman makes you feel instantly close to her just from listening to this track, yet all the while an otherworldly overtone whisks you away from it all. You can feel the distance and hear the sorrow, but also sense some form of acceptance. New sounds come to the surface, as if Wayman’s realisation of her feelings. The emotional strain is gentle enough for the listener to connect to personally, while strong enough to really sting. Lingering lyrics echo in the mind; “feels like we fucked up”…”just got too empty”.

‘Love Leaks’ is the perfectly understated introduction to TT. Sensationally moreish, its moody romantic tone with a touch of experimentation, is just what is needed in anticipation of LoveLaws.

LoveLaws is due on May 18th via LoveLeaks/Caroline International.