Swedish Electo-Pop; three words that never fail to get us excited at Vulture Hound, especially when it comes courtesy of Rebecca Bergcrantz – aka Raindear. Her latest single, ‘SKY‘ dropped on Friday and finds Bergcrantz at her familiar, and absorbing best.

The follow-up to last December’s ‘Diamonds In My Chest’, ‘Sky’ is inspired by escapism and self-determination, and bubbles with a palpable, positive energy; akin to mid-catalogue New Order, but with Raindear’s very distinct signature. Take a listen below.

Her 2016 full length debut, Embers, was a stunning effort; mixing lyrical themes of humanity’s frailties and failures, war and love, with big, bold, and lush synth-pop sounds; all expertly arranged and produced by Bercrantz herself.

However, the record wasn’t just your typically dark edged, melody filled, ‘electro-pop-by-numbers’ – there was another edge to Embers. A mix of Bercrantz ‘unusual’ vocal style, and a heavy use of Eastern melodies, scales, and arrangements, combined to make it totally compelling and distinct debut release. Listen to one of the many album highlights, ‘I’m The Ice’, below.

‘SKY’ is out now.

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By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.