Awash with shimmering, down tempo electro-pop beats, sporadic trip-hop glitches, and a whole load of soul, the debut single from Swedish producer/singer, Becky and the Birds is nothing short of mesmerising.

Through the haze of percussive, vocal layers, emerges a track with such lush warmth, it seems appropriate that on a cold, snowy Thursday afternoon we should make ‘Holding On’ our Track of the Day.

Listen, and feel the warming vibes, below.

The moniker of 21 year old Thea Gustafsson, Becky and the Birds is in good company when it comes to her musical pedigree, having attended the prestigious Musikmakarna Songwriters Academy of Sweden, which kickstarted the careers of fellow Swedish artists LÉON and Skott. Thea, however, looks to be walking down a very different path from her pop contemporaries, taking complete control along the way; writing and producing her soon-to-be-released debut EP.
On her ‘musical education’, Thea explains; “It was all basically ultra-polished Swedish pop hits, and I didn’t know how to do that, really. If you did anything besides pop it was—I wouldn’t say wrong, because people thought it was cool—but it was still weird.”

Find Becky and the Birds on Soundcloud, and Twitter.