Beauty and chaos are not usually two things that go hand-in-hand, but for Rolo Tomassi they have made a career out of it. From their first EP, released in 2009, right up until the critically acclaimed 2015 released Grievances, the five-piece have gained a bit of a reputation of blending brutality with elegance. So, when the band announced their latest record, Time Will Die and Love Will Bury Itthere were questions surrounding how they could push their sound even further.

The simple answer: Easily.

It may be hard to believe but Rolo have somehow managed to add even more to this record, and they show that right up front on track two, ‘Aftermath’, which could arguably find a home on commercial radio. Vocalist Eva Spence demonstrates her vocal range, not just by screaming but singing as well.

The blend of crushing riffs and stylistic vocals are a prominent theme throughout the record as tracks flow seamlessly, like when ‘The Hollow Hour’ goes from a beautifully layered outro to Spence’s familiar growl on ‘Balancing the Dark’.

For the past 12 years the band has been exploring and tinkering with different melodies, but something they will never lose this the pure aggressive nature which caught the attention of many back in 2006. It is this slamming together of two ends of the spectrum which seems to bring the album together. ‘Alma Matter’ is a prime example; one minute you are listening to the beautiful tones of Spence’s voice, then next you are thrown into a crushing riff and vocal screams.

For all the records which have come prior to Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It, it seems that the band has been building up to this moment and have found the perfect crossing point between delicate and disarray.

Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It is out via Holy Roar Records on March 2.