Peter Kernel are back with their highly anticipated third album, The Size Of The Night, which is everything you expect from the experimental indie-rock duo; majestic, surreal, and very personal.

It opens with ‘There’s Nothing Like You’. A mystical and enchanting journey with punchy punk undertones and catchy vocals. Every aspect connects with precision, and all the while, you are thinking “there is nothing quite like this”. ‘Pretty Perfect’ follows, with its intricately woven grooves. The song possesses a light and happy state of mind, which guides you positively to the very end.

‘The Secret Of Happiness’ is dramatic and dark, with calming and hypnotic vocals, taking you to a spiritual plain; it taps into your subconscious. ‘Terrible Luck’ is next and it feels like you are running into the great wide open; the essence flows freely and allows you to breath it in.

‘Drift To Death’ is chaotic; it echoes and lingers around you, while the bewitching ‘Men Of The Women’, with its divine mix of sounds, moves at an upbeat pace. It is simply mesmerising from its first note.

‘The Revenge Of Teeth’ follows with darker and edgier sounds, as you can feel the anger simmering. This track is simplistic, yet quite exceptional. Just close your eyes and lose yourself to it.

‘The Shape Of Your Face In Space’ too, is out of this world. Its swift and fleeting beat leads wonderfully into ‘The Storm Will Last’; a track which sees dark clouds starting to form around you, as the storm looms ahead. It is enraging, eerie and full of darkness.

The Size Of The Night draws to its close with ‘The Fatigue Of Passing The Night’. Calming, gentle and soothing tones will have you yearning for a dream like state.

Peter Kernel’s third album is complex, mysterious and explores the unknown.

The Size of The Night is out now via On The Camper Records.