Moose Blood; four guys that like to write music about their emotions and tribulations through life. Their third album, aptly titled I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore, is no different to this trend. With this release, we see Moose Blood play to their strengths and incorporating songs that recall broken relationships, hard times, and going through changes.

In preparation for the follow to acclaimed sophomore album Blush, the members of Moose Blood proceeded to Los Angeles with longtime collaborator, Beau Burchell and returned with an emotionally complex bunch of tracks that would make up I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore.

Musically, the tracks are bursting with energy which is particularly evident in single, ‘Talk In Your Sleep’. The song is a diverse mix of tempos and sets a good pace for the tracks that follow. Halfway through the record, ‘Can We Stay Like This’ brings bold choruses and shows off the vocal range of front man Eddy Brewerton.

They complete the eleven track album with previously released, ‘Its Too Much’, one of the more laid back additions to the collection. It encapsulates the whole heart of the band, as well as providing an ideal ending to the record. The song itself is packed with echoing guitars, and a constant and powerful sensation of melancholy, with the vocals, “I think I’ve had enough”, mirroring the album title beautifully.

As an album it does truly deliver what Moose Blood set out to achieve; a personal journey, to which their solid fan base can relate to and enjoy. There’s also no doubt that this is a quintessential Moose Blood album, packed with honest lyrics and matching melodic guitars. However, despite all this, after a couple of listens there appears to be a lack of any truly stand out tracks. Will there be a time when this kind of release from the group will seen as simply monotonous?

Moose Blood have built up a reputation to be admired. Despite going through some well publicised turmoil back in 2017, they have stepped back up, drawn a line, and shown that they mean business. I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore will undoubtedly please their ever growing fan base, but their own lack of growth may turn some away.

I Don’t Think I Can Do This Anymore is out now on Hopeless Records.