Only a couple of weeks after finishing a support run with Enter Shikari in the US and Canada, Milk Teeth are out on the road on a headline tour of the UK.

Tenderness and swagger make an odd pairing but it’s a formula that Milk Teeth have perfected over the course of their young career. You only need to take one listen of their latest EP set ‘Be Nice’ and ‘Go Away’ to know that they are one of the most stylistically and emotionally exciting rock bands in the UK right now. The crowd at Manchester’s ‘Deaf Institute’ certainly knew it.

Met with rapturous applause the four piece exude both confidence and comraderies, judging by the smiles I spotted on much of the crowd everyone felt as though they were amongst friends.

With a set that felt like it only lasted 20 mins they blasted through song book featuring some of their latest; ‘Nearby Catfight’, ‘Prism’ and ‘I Stabbed You First’. One of the great skills they show is that when they play more established songs like ‘Brickwork’, ‘Melon Blade’ and perennial triumphant anthem ‘Swear Jar’ that every songs sounds as fresh as the next. There’s no dip in excitement or passion. One of the pleasure of seeing the band perform over the years is seeing the transformation of lead vocalist and bassist Becky Blomfield. When performing she cuts a commanding presence with a voice that allows you to fully appreciate the skill in the song writing.

Drummer Oli Holbrook might just be one of the finest drummers working today, certainly he and Billy Howard from Puppy are two of the best in the UK right now. Chris Webb manages to draw out all many of fantastical fuzz and feedback from his guitar that could almost verge on avant-garde but instead brings the music it’s unique quality. Billy Hutton screams with passion through his voice and guitar, the rock of the sound both musically and vocally.

The in-between song chat, including Becky delivering a lovely Dad-joke only endeared them to the crowd more, as did a slight time cue mishap before a song. There’s a sense of community at one of their shows.

Am I gushing? You damn right I am. Such a collection of songs matched by the bands clear passion for the material at this stage in their careers fills you with joy at what is to come down the line.

Support from the night came from Fangclub and Nervus. A strong triple bill, it’s been a while since I’ve seen a venue fully backed to hear the first support act of the night. Fangclub brought a solid party atmosphere to the night. The clearest rock n’ roll swagger of the evening, they’re brash and hugely head-bangable. Not a word you say? No it isn’t.

Those in attendance know that Nervus’ recently released ‘Everything Dies’ is one of the strongest rock releases of the year and that the band I one of the most exciting in the industry. Combining a mixture of emotion and bold melody they make a great fit of a Milk Teeth tour. With a set that could have easily passed for a headline slot they will be one of the bands to watch in the coming couple of years.