Leigh Gill has been cast as the title role in the latest action thriller from award winning director, Carlos Calika; PUTTO. Gill has previously starred Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them,Get SantaThe Scorpion King 4, Butterfly Kisses and most recently the German box office hit Hot Dog. Leigh has also made many TV appearances, although he’s probably best known for his role of “Bonono” in Season 6 of Game of Thrones.

The project has recently opened up to crowdfunding on Indiegogo, the platform used by global entrepreneurs to launch ground-breaking ideas.

After watching hundreds of action movies, I felt I needed to feed new ideas to this over exploited genre. I wanted to shoot something that was never seen before, the story of a dwarf hitman. That’s when the first draft of PUTTO was born,” explains director Carlos Calika.

“PUTTO is the story of the best contract killer in the world, and how a job gone wrong altered his life forever. The movie follows our hero and his latest job, to kill a Russian snuff dealer from the Dark Web. It all changes when PUTTO meets Ingrid, a young innocent girl, dragged against her will into this world of violence and death. Defying all odds, they join forces to bring Vlad and his associates out of business for good.

After writing the script I was still missing the most important piece of the puzzle, the main actor. It was only when I met Leigh in the end of 2017 that I realised this movie could really happen. Not only was he the perfect fit for the role, he also shared my passion for the project. Together we decided to bring PUTTO to the big screen.”

With a ready-assembled talented cast and crew, including Stella Adler alumni Stephen Sitkowski, PUTTO is ready to be filmed, the project just needs a small capital injection from film-loving investors. Incentives include premiere tickets, set visits and IMDB associate director accreditation. For further information and a short trailer visit: