Fe is an eye-catching platformer that replaces linear levels for an open world environment. Fe feels like a breath of fresh air as you navigate this dangerous world hunting for other animals, or freeing them from the mysterious robots of this world. Stealth is a huge part of Fe as you make your way past these enemies by navigating the terrain. You will rely on the forest to protect you as you slowly become one with this ecosystem. While Fe is interesting and full of mystery, it isn’t hard to get lost in this bleak but massive environment. So what makes Fe worth playing?

As the game begins you find yourself flying down to a planet in a meteor. You and your alien siblings arrive on the surface of the planet and begin to explore this strange new environment. You discover the creatures that inhabit this world who all seem to respond to their own song. They react badly to creatures who can’t share their melodies. These animals need your help as they, like your siblings, are being taken away by these strange robots. This contrast between nature and machine brings Fe to life as you must navigate a broken world connecting with the creatures that inhabit it. All the while uncovering the mysteries of this strange land through songs and puzzles.

Fe is an interesting experience that combines platforming mechanics with an open world environment. While this feels natural once you get into the game it can be difficult navigate, especially when you need to find your way back to a certain location. This said once you become more familiar with the world this becomes less of a problem and the game provides animal companions who will show you the way once, or perhaps if, you get lost. You must connect with animals in order to progress in the game, and this involves singing. Once you meet an animal, you must help them before they are willing to teach you their song. Each song unlocks a different ability.

These songs change the way you interact with the world. For example, once you befriend the birds you will be able to travel upon the backs of them to jump to different areas, while befriending the stags will grant you the power to unlock petals that will help you glide to new areas on the map. Alongside these songs, you will also find gems that will – upon giving them to the big tree with an eye – will grant you new skills, such as tree climbing and gliding. You will need all these skills in order to complete the platforming puzzles ahead of you, so you need to find your way back every once in a while to retrieve new powers.

Fe is a fun game that you can easily get lost in. It brings an interesting art style and takes influences from games like Journey. You can see that the develops have put a lot of love into this game. Fe has been released on many platforms but none show off this game’s potential like the switch. The game can, on occasion, lose its sharpness when projected on the big screen but this title is perfect for handheld use. It allows for quick play jumping in for a commute or even sitting at home for a long session. The game isn’t broken into levels, so it is up to you as and when you leave or when you spend your whole day playing because you wouldn’t want breaks away from it.

While the world of Fe is visually interesting and full of intrigue, the title characters don’t seem to stand out from the rest of the creatures you encounter, occasionally blending into the backdrop. This is something that most platformers try to avoid. Having a strong main character gives the game a more direct selling point and this is something that Fe lacks but makes up for in its mysterious nature. In place of that character Fe develops a world that feels alive and as a stranger to it, you must learn how to interact with this new environment.

Your character uses different songs to interact with the wildlife all of which grant attributes that will help you complete missions and unravel the mysteries of the game. In other words, you must rely on others in order to survive, creating a nice atmosphere while you play. While this friendly game isn’t for everyone, it is something worth experiencing if only as a spectator, this would also be an interesting game for younger gamers who are looking for something less action-packed and more intricate.