The second release from a band is renowned as the ‘difficult album’. In terms of Lincoln based alt-rockers, Carry the Crown, they have no such problem with the follow up to debut EP Desire. Not Alone EP presents their growing fanbase with a collection of well-developed tracks that are bound to please.

‘Fire’ kicks off the journey. As the debut single, this track clearly stands out from the get go. It is an obvious choice to showcase a bit of everything about the band and reel in new fans. Featuring relentless guitars and a succession of catchy hooks, the track builds up to an attacking chorus overflowing with melodic vocals and spiralling instrumentals. This is a classic pop-rock track that is really easy listening.

At the halfway point, they take a slight change of tune with ‘Hold Me Now’; a song which shows off a softer side to the group and clearly embodies plenty of personal emotions within the lyrics and accompaniment alike. There is still a spark in the vocals of frontman Martin James and the track isn’t just about sorrow, but about the support from others around you when going through difficult times. The song is a beautiful, musical portrayal of hope.

Each track includes heartfelt lyrics that many will be able to relate to and find comfort in, alongside a mix of sounds that encapsulates Carry the Crown’s distinct style that they have developed since their formation in 2016. ‘Hometown’ starts with a beautiful melodic tone to then explode into another addictive anthem.

A stand out track would be their concluding anthem, ‘Eyes’, which takes you on a roller-coaster of a journey through tempo changes and pure raw energy. The choruses act as a contrasting element to the surrounding bars that show off their soft appeal. The track is captivating and really pulls in listeners through the soft guitar verses that build into powerful choruses.

This is a sophomore release that doesn’t just spew repetitive tunes, but instead delivers five unique and interesting tracks that set to define a successful career for the quintet. There is still bucketloads of growth for the band to encounter and with such a positive start-up, their future is bound to be brilliant.

Not Alone is out now via