An obsessive love story – “All I See Is You” (DVD Review)

Jump to director Marc Forster previous, higher profile, pieces of work, we range from the acclaimed Monsters Ball to the delightful Finding Neverland to Disney’s high profile Winnie the Pooh reimagining Christopher Robin. All of which encase stories that are dependant on narrative and characters we wish to thrive. All I See Is You is Forster’s smallest project in some time and you almost wonder if the studios knew this too.

Gossip Girl herself Blake Lively stars as a blind woman whose intimate relationship with husband Jason Clarke changes drastically after she regains her sight.

Forster calculates a psychological thriller thriving on Lively’s star status. Soaring on her performance in last year’s shark thriller The Shallows, Lively has proven with minimal projects that she can carry a performance with the right material. There immediately here is a sense of poignancy; director Forster knows Lively has an audience fan base and there’s absolutely no denying she is subdued to anything more than genuine compassion. She has the ability to make a character relatable in the most unrelatable of circumstances and as we’re introduced to such a vulnerable individual All I See is You is off to a promising start. Sadly, as gradual character progression is imminent there’s a perplexing dislike for most involved here.

When Lively’s character regains her sight due to a miraculous medical phenomenon in Thailand, paranoia plays an enormous part of both characters’ development and inevitable destruction — Did Clarke’s character come to terms that he was punching above his weight with a wife like Lively? In any case of the matter, Forster’s thriller takes a turn which probably thinks is darker than it actually is as it unravels and revels in the harboured insecurities found in any relationship but ultimately loses itself with holding back too much. Plenty attributing factors to any downfall come with a magnitude of complications but this merely grazes the nail on the head with its desire to culminate in a head scratcher to pass off as something which orchestrates an idea that you’ve actually watched something good when instead all we’ve done is watch a missed opportunity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Lively or Clarke’s performances themselves, in the end it is the lack of development and the routed story which ultimately does demand to be taken darker for All I See Is You to be truly seen as any sort of psychological thriller. Instead we have a trippy, likeable opening which descends into a genuine narrative of nothingness, thriving here on stars who look screen ready and a visual flair that Forster has catered.

Dir: Marc Forster

Scr: Sean Conway, Marc Forster

Cast: Blake Lively, Jason Clarke, Danny Huston, Ahna O’Reilly

Prd: Craig Baumgarten, Marc Forster

DOP: Matthias Koenigswiesser

Music: Marc Streitenfeld

Country: Thailand/USA

Year: 2016

Runtime: 109 minutes

All I See is You is available on Digital and DVD now.