VultureHound’s Top Tips For Pyeongchang 2018

Who cares about Black Panther. Something far greater is happening in the world of sport and culture this month.

Get your crayons out, take some notes, steal mother’s purse or father’s wallet, and head to the betting shops now replaced the boutique haberdasheries of your local highstreets. Here’s my top tips for the Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 2018!

Forget Cool Runnings, Jamaica isn’t the capital of the bobsleigh world anymore. It’s Nigeria. Yes, it’s not a typo. Nigeria’s a great place to go for a bit of bob sleighing. Its popularity heightened enormously by the excellent Seun Adigun.

In Ice Hockey, as always, the US are favourites. But if you fancy a punt, these days it’s the Swedes who have sharpened their sticks ready to stick in the back of anyone who challenges their Olympic pedigree.

Being a proud Englishman I’m not one to celebrate the French, however, in this case I have to swallow some humble English pork pie and admit that in the figure skating, you can’t beat a bit of Papadakis and Cizeron, (Gabriella and Guillaume). Although they’ll never be Torvill and Dean.

You can’t look far past Noriaki Kasai of Japan in Ski Jumping. An athlete who rolls (jumps) off the hills like his name rolls off the tip of your tongue.

The dastardly US have the rest of the categories wrapped up. Snowboarding, speed skating and the Vonn in alpine skiing.

Joking aside, it’s the Winter Olympics! A far more interesting, enthralling and fantastical tournament than its much hyped half-brother- the Olympics real McCoy. The stadia is of another planet, the aerial shots of Pyeongchang look stunning, and the opening ceremony was a lesson in special effects entertainment that any movie exec stuck in hot stinky Hollywood should take notes from.

No matter where you are, get the hot chocolate on, the marshmallows roasting on the fire you’ve created out of the sofa in your living, and get ready to be genuinely entertained by the bad, the brilliant, and the downright insane!

Winter Olympics across the BBC from 9th-25th Feb 2018