Back in 2016 Vulture Hound were introduced to the dead-pan, straight talking, life in excess world of Swedish newcomer, Ängie. Her first single, ‘Smoke Weed, Eat Pussy’, contained everything you would hope for from such a bluntly titled debut; dark, trippy, and full of tabloid baiting lyrical content that’ll have parents the world over campaigning for Spotify to introduce parental controls.

Still, as the aforementioned track made explicitly clear; Ängie is a “motherfucking lady”, so it’s probably best to do away with the Scandi-Cyrus hyperbole, and instead welcome to the world an artist who doesn’t need contrived and soap operatic publicity to get her tracks onto playlists, radio, and music blogs. She’s doing fine as she is. And, with this week’s announcement of about her upcoming debut album, she’s (hopefully) about to go supernova.

Suicide Since 1995 is set for release on April 6th via Universal, and to celebrate she’s dropped a brand new track – the onomatopoeically titled, ‘Dope’.

It’s full of all the elements that shot previous singles ‘Smoke Weed…’, ‘Housewife Spliffin’, and ‘Spun‘, right into the middle of our radar; dark and rolling trap beats and lung busting bass providing the perfect backdrop for Ängie’s lyrical expression. In this case it’s (kinda) all about love, as she explains;

“‘Dope’” is actually a love song, but within it I confuse love with the rush for music and drugs. It’s a love song to music, dope and the person that makes me wanna fight for it.”

It’s dope. Take a listen via Spotify, below.

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