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Who doesn’t love a good list?
In the second post of our new weekly feature, Top Ten Tuesday, Rai Jayne Hearse discusses her Top 10 Awesome Cover Versions.

When most bands start out, before they write any of their own material, they will usually cover their favourite songs. But cover versions aren’t just for beginners, famous bands and artists still love smashing out covers of great songs and making it their own and here are just ten of millions of awesome cover versions out there.

10. The Ataris – ‘Boys of Summer’ 

This cover version takes me way back to my scene days. It’s a great song whether you’ve got your hood up and eyeliner on in the local rock club or driving down the coast with the windows down and the music blasting. I have to admit, the DJ Sammy cover of this Don Henley classic is also a massive guilty pleasure of mine.

9. Marilyn Manson – ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)’

Marilyn Manson is no stranger to cover versions and this Eurythmics cover is one of his best. Funnily enough, my own band actually covered Manson’s version of this song when we very first started out so it brings back lots of fun memories.

8. Orgy – ‘Blue Monday’

I’m a bit of a hermit, but nothing make me want to go on a night out more than Orgy‘s cover of New Order‘s ‘Blue Monday’. It’s so sexy – how can you not dance to it?

7. A Day to Remember – ‘Since U Been Gone’ 

Cover versions are even more fun when the artist and song contrast, and metal bands performing unexpected pop covers are always a hit. They’re even better when they are accompanied by a hilarious video which involves the band dressing in grandma clothes and destroying her house. A Day to Remember really made Kelly Clarkson‘s ‘Since U Been Gone’ their own.

6. Asking Alexandria – ‘Closer’ 

This Nine Inch Nails hit is crazy hot to begin with but add in the musical talents of Asking Alexandria and the devilishly sensual vocals of Danny Worsnop and you’ve got yourself one hell of a sexy song.

5. Black Veil Brides – Rebel Yell

Sometimes a band covers a song that couldn’t be more perfect for them, they really make it theirs and it fits right in with their own music and that’s what happened when Black Veil Brides covered this Billy Idol classic. A perfect fit.

4. The Relentless – ‘Hey Hey, My My’ 

We can feature fictional bands in this list, can’t we? For those that don’t know, The Relentless are the band in the movie American Satan, voiced by Palaye Royale frontman Remington Leith. The soundtrack features The Relentless covering a few songs and this Neil Young cover particular was just so moving that I couldn’t leave it off the list. Team this with the ‘Rock & Roll Tribute’ video Sumerian Records made for it and you’ll be close to tears, I promise.

3. Gerard Way – ‘Superstar’

This haunting cover of The Carpenters hit ‘Superstar’ was released post My Chemical Romance split and just broke everyone’s hearts all over again. Apparently, Gerard recorded this cover to help get his voice into the right emotion for recording ‘Cancer’ on their 2006 album The Black Parade.

2. My Chemical Romance – ‘Desolation Row’ 

My Chemical Romance totally owned this Bob Dylan hit, making it almost unrecognisable from the original. The band punked the song up for the Watchmen soundtrack and the music video compliments it perfectly, showing that My Chem really were punks at heart. Genius.

1. Falling in Reverse – ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ 

Coolio‘s ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ was quite literally one of my favourite songs growing up in the 90s so when Falling in Reverse covered it and brought their own unique blend of rap metal I couldn’t have been more excited. This song is my ultimate ‘windows down, volume up’ driving songs. #LongLivethe90s


Featured photo: Sanjay Parikh 

By Rai Jayne Hearse

A hermit from Up North, Rai spends her time scribbling words, buried under a pile of magazines and cassette tapes. Whenever she does finally emerge from her tiny office she tries to achieve world domination as the bassist of kick-ass punk band Pink Hearse.