The Holly Kane Experiment

With the advancements in technology being brought into the world at an alarming rate there are elements of science fiction which could soon be reality. In gritty UK thriller The Holly Kane Experiment, this is exactly the basis of the story, with the idea of mind control taking centre stage. Kane (Kirsty Averton) is a hypnotherapist whose research into manipulating the unconscious is considered radical and groundbreaking by many in her field. She may seem a beautiful, competent professional on the surface, but just below she is deeply terrified of becoming like her sister, and it is this insecurity which ultimately leads her on a downward spiral.

Kane’s unique technique into accessing the subconscious is considered too much like brain washing, but when the research is bankrolled by smooth-talking Marvin Greenslade (Nicky Henson), the messages which she put in her head to calm herself soon become corrupted by this government adviser’s own wants. What starts off with a very strong-willed woman who knows what she wants quickly dissolves into Greenslade planting subliminal messages into her head. All the while we have the super paranoid Dennis MacIntyre (James Rose) trying to expose what Greenslade and his crew are up to. This is when things begin to tail off a bit and it becomes a tug of war between the two men rather than this strong-willed woman being the focal point of the film.

Even though the premise of The Holly Kane Experiment is a good one, there is something in the execution which just goes array and it speaks volumes when one of the best parts of the film comes when Kane’s no nonsense friend Jeannie Callaghan (Lindsey Campbell) gets a modicum of revenge.The character act of Greenslade is enjoyable to watch – though it did deliver arguably the most uncomfortable sex scene I have seen in a long time – but a film which is named after its leading lady does miss the mark at times.

Dir: Tom Sands
Scr: Mick Sands
Cast: Kirsty Averton, Nicky Henson, James Rose and Lindsey Campbell
Music: Richard Morson
Country: UK
Year: 2017
Run time: 93 minutes

The Holly Kane Experiment is out now in the UK.

By Tim Birkbeck

Lover of all things music, wrestling and movies. The dream would be to interview Seth Rollins during a Modern Life is War show before going to watch a kick-ass film. Lives on the South Coast, Straight Edge