The broadening of sound in music is more important – and more possible – now than ever before. Every day, the limits of what can be done are pushed just a little further. But how often are these possibilities put into action? How many musicians are experimenting and changing up their sound? Not many.

UK hardcore outfit, Feed The Rhino have been stampeding through the scene for quite a few years now. This week, they release their fourth and most melodic record to date. Titled The Silence, this album is diverse, dynamic, and memorable. In a way, it is the loudest Rhino has been since 2009’s Mr. Red Eye, figuratively speaking.

Refusing to stay in a single lane of dissonant chords and harsh vocals, the band have decided to go with a much more accessible approach with The Silence. Tracks like ‘Losing Ground,’ ‘Yellow and Green,’ and title track ‘The Silence’ show frontman, Lee Tobin opening up his impressive clean vocal range much more, giving this record more of a feel like Norma Jean’s unforgettable 2010 release, Meridional (another record where the artist branched out in ways they never had before).

For long time fans, though, there’s absolutely no reason to worry. The Feed The Rhino that you know and love has not dulled its horn and is still everywhere to be found on this release, weaving dissonance and aggression through the fabrics of a brilliant quilt of colour.

Too much change too quickly can be very jarring, especially when bands remain fairly consistent over the years. But we must remain open to our favourite artists experimenting and pushing the limits of their own abilities and boundaries, otherwise, everything will start to feel stale from spinning through the same cycles until all the belts and cogs and wheels rust to a halt. While the bands experiment in their sounds, so we must we with our tastes. Embrace the changes. Don’t let stubbornness leave you in the silence.

The Silence is out on Friday February 16th via Century Media Records.

By Kacy Raby

I am musician from Southern Maryland. I play guitar and sing in my band, Valleys In Autumn. I adore music and film and believe that the key to longevity is a consistent diet of nachos and black cherry soda. One day I hope to be captain of the starship, Enterprise.