The lesbian priest. The female detective and her male sidekick. The Syrian refugees and the call for Britain to do more to help the humanitarian cause. How far TV has come.

Able to summon up and desired to work in by Hollywood star Carey Mulligan leading a list of sceptical and insecure characters who nearly all are played by household names- Saskia Reeves, Tony Way, Ben Miles, Rob Jarvis.

I might have said TV has become something of a cesspit recently, however David Hare’s Collateral is a testament to great British drama, which is on something of a role after the understatedly excellent McMafia.

Detective Inspector Kip Glaspie (Mulligan) is called to the scene of a crime where a courier driver has been mysteriously executed delivering a pizza to Karen Mars (Billie Piper), while Mars husband, MP David Mars (John Simm), has just signed off an education visa for an illegal immigrant and girlfriend of Priest Nicola Walker (Jane Oliver).

Through nervous interactions and suspicious glances we know these people are all connected in one way or another, and it’s up to Kip to find out how.

Sitting watching Collateral it hits me that this is precisely the reason I don’t go to the cinema anymore. Collateral is produced better than most Hollywood movies. The scenes look great, the production’s high quality, Billy Piper is excellent, and there are some really classy tracking shots that run ala’ Birdman-style for five minutes consecutively without a cut.

The only blemish to this immaculate CV is the dialogue can get a little on point at times. You should never be able to tell a writer’s political beliefs through his work (Hare’s clearly a Remainer). And the detectives are a little too clever of tongue for their own good.

Apart from that I am satisfied that instead of taking a walk through the dreary February weather to go see another stupid Marvel Universe film, quality drama is being piped directly into my living room.

Monday’s usually the worst day of the week. Everyone knows why. But until March the 5th, it’s become the best day.

Collateral is on BBC Two Monday nights at 9pm.

By Harry Jamshidian

Daydreaming scriptwriter and part-time reviewer living in Kingston.