A one off feature of the world famous review format, with a twist.

Staying with my Grandmother I have had to relinquish control of the remote and so, to put it simply, I watch what Grandy’s watching.

She’s a stickler for it. We banned her from EastEnders suggesting she go for something a little more “upmarket” to feed her drama pangs. So we watch Casualty (BBC) and Holby (BBC).

I was of the belief British hospital dramas were awful. However, after watching the last couple episodes of each show, they’re actually quite good. Engaging storylines, nice sets, well acted, and Charlies still at Holby, or Casualty (I think they’re based in the same hospital).

Silent Witness (BBC). The 21st series of the show! Extraordinary. It breaks down into two-part episodes which act as a sort of one-off story, played in nightly instalments at the beginning of the week. The ongoing theme that links the shows are Emilia Clarke’s character Nikki receiving therapy for being buried alive in the last series. Nikki’s very good.

Grandy also intends on watching Vera (ITV). The hard hitting northern granny detective who goes around in a Mackintosh trench coat saying ‘toughen up pet’ to all the emotionally frail men around her. I say Grandy intends to watch Vera, it’s just that it clashes with McMafia on a Sunday and I keep forgetting to tape it for her…

TV Game shows
Grandy loves a go at a game show. But not an idiot one like Question of Sport. Grandy’s more intelligent than that. She watches Humphries on Mastermind (BBC)and Paxman bark out questions on University Challenge (BBC).

She never calls out any answers though. My record in 2018 is eight shows of University Challenge one correct answer. Moose. Which I’ll probably etch onto my gravestone. There’s also Only Connect, but every time I flick over to that Grandy shouts turn it off! She can’t stand Victoria Coren. It’s also the only game show I haven’t a clue how to play.

Masters Snooker
This is a contentious issue. The Somme of our household. The Masters (BBC) runs the rest of this week and while I’m a snooker fanatic Grandy abhors the game. We fight tooth and nail for it to be on and Grandy usually wins out. I am demoted to watching the most exciting snooker tournament of the season via the BBC Sport website streamed onto the 3 and half inch screen of my mobile phone…

By Harry Jamshidian

Daydreaming scriptwriter and part-time reviewer living in Kingston.