Happy New Year from Vulture Hound! Hope you’re sticking to those resolutions, and determined to own 2018.

So, it’s a new year. That means new films, new shake-ups and new news. So maybe it’s time for a new intro?

Or maybe not, because I didn’t make any ‘new year, new me’ promises, and the old intro got the point across. So now that we know where we stand with one another, let’s get into it…

Hello and welcome to VultureHound’s weekly news round-up, where we bring you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday.

We took a little break the past two weeks, on account of the fact it was Christmas Eve and New Year Eve, respectively, I wasn’t in the same town, county or even country as my computer and frankly, all the news was pretty much Star Wars news, which we will cover today, but not exclusively, because as much as I love Star Wars, I can imagine reading nothing but Star Wars news may not be that interesting for some.

They’d be wrong to find it uninteresting, but I understand it nonetheless.

Robin Hood redesigns the past

Taron Egerton / Robin Hood / Picture courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The first promotional images for Robin Hood have hit the web, and despite the fact this, like pretty much all Robin Hood stories, is set in the past, the look of the film seems to have shaken things up a bit (and by that, unfortunately, I don’t mean he’s a cartoon fox again, sweet as that would be).

This new origin story for Robin Hood sees Kingsman star Taron Egerton in the title roll, teaming up with heavy hitters like Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn, under the direction of Otto Bathurst (Peaky Blinders and Shoreditch Twat – I’m honestly not making that last part up), to deliver a ‘hip’ and ‘gritty’ take on the archer’s origin.

How hip his actions will be, we cannot say at this point, but judging by these new stills, he’s definitely leaning less ‘Sherwood Outcast’ and more ‘Future Chic’, with some of his adversaries even brandashing what looks to be… guns?

Check it out for yourself, below:

We’ll find out what Robin Hood‘s all about on September 21st 2018.


IT producer becomes the new superpower behind DC’s films

Ezra Miller, Henry Cavill, Ray Fisher, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck & Jason Momoa / Justice League / Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.

About that aforementioned shake-up I spoke of up top… Once again, it involves the people behind DC Comics’ film division. As some of you will know, this is just the latest in a series of changeups over at the Warner Bros subsidiary, and in fact, the second time in recent memory when the pupeeters of the franchises have been ousted in favour of someone new. Which, in itself, could detail why they keep making mistakes – they don’t let the people in charge stay in charge long enough to make a difference, but I digress.

Anyway, the new DC movies head-honcho is apparently Walter Hamada, who was the producer behind last years hit horror film, IT. You know, that one with the clown? You’ve probably heard of it.

Anyway, my personal opinions aside (IT was fine. Just fine. And it’s the only of his film’s I’ve seen, apart from A Nightmare on Elm Street (the remake)) it’s hard to root for Hamada. Not because I don’t think he’s got what it takes to run this studio; he definitely does; he’s one of the guys behind the Conjuring franchise, so he’s handled this sort of thing (sort of) before. However, the problem is with Warner Bros. and any producers behind the DCEU as a whole, because, knowing them (which I do not, personally, but I’ve read enough articles on this subject), it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they booted Hamada before he got the chance to make any real changes (as per his predecessors, who are now out post-Justice League, which was one of the DCEU’s better films (not that that takes much)). Which is a shame, because these films deserve a confident driver at the wheel that won’t be swapped every time it hits a speed-bump.

Is that a good analogy? I can’t actually drive. Nor do I know anything about cars.

The next DCEU film, Aquaman, surfs into cinemas on December 21st 2018.


Netflix shines a spotlight on the Bright sequel

Joel Edgerton, Lucy Fry & Will Smith / Picture courtesy of Netflix

The hotly anticipated Bright finally landed on Netflix not too long ago, and saying it was met with ‘mixed reviews’ would be generous. Some like it, but critics, in general, don’t look too favourably on it. The mix of gritty action director David Ayer, the star-power of frontman Will Smith and the words of madcap screenwriter Max Landis could have meshed together to make something beautiful, with Landis at one point even claiming that Bright was his Star Wars (in a tweet he later deleted).

Apparently, with a few elements changed, Netflix still has faith in that behind-the-scenes set-up, as they’ve announced the film will indeed get a sequel, despite the critical response. Furthermore, they even gave us an amusing little skit showcasing their enthusiasm, which you can watch below:

Bright is available on Netflix now.


A solo Solo: A Star Wars Story image gives us our first look at the Han Solo solo film

There’s been a bit of confusion about the upcoming Star Wars spin-off Solo, which is understandable, considering it’s directors Lord and Miller were fired months into filming and replaced by Ron Howard, who, apparently, had to reshoot a large chunk of the movie.

Another factor in the confusion is the fact that despite the film being mere months away, we’ve yet to actually see anything from the film. No stills. No trailers. Nothing.

Until recently, that is, when a random promotional image popped up online, giving us our first look at Han, Lando, Chewie and Emelia Clarke’s character, alongside the new (old?) look of the Millennium Falcon.

The confusion continued as Disney claimed not to have made the picture, leading some to doubt it’s authenticity. However, as is (surprisingly) often the way, LEGO leaks have given us some much needed insight into the looks of the film, as a bunch of sets due to be released in April have made their way online and feature the very same artwork Disney and Lucasfilm have claimed not to have created, seemingly proving that even if they didn’t make it, it is, at least in some capacity, the real deal. So, with that jumbled explanation in mind, here’s your first look at the characters (and Falcon) from Solo: A Star Wars Story:

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into cinemas on May 25th 2018.