Tiny Moving Parts are becoming known not only for their technical prowess, but as a band that’s consistent in their music. Swell, the latest album from the Minnesota emo revivalists, is a collection of ten songs that will make you jump, cry, and make you feel an extra beat in your heart.

From the get go, Swell delivers a kick to the gut. ‘Applause’ is classic TMP. It starts with a screaming Dylan Mattheisen declaring, “Send applause to your heart strings” and continues with lyrical hooks and a driving sound.  It’s what TMP do so well; energising your exterior, while layering smart, clever and emotional lyrics underneath. It’s a theme that continues with, ‘Whale Watching’, a perfect scream-along track, while ‘It’s Cold Tonight’ integrates more riffs and guitar tapping from Mattheisen. It ebbs and flows within the controlled chaos the band is know for.

‘Malfunction’ opens a new door for the band. Keeping the emotional driven lyrics, the band harnesses the talent each member has and creates something special. Allowing each instrument to have its moment in the sun, the song feels fresh. ‘Wishbone’ starts and follows through with melodic guitar slides that create a looping effect without pedals. ‘Feel Alive’ and ‘Caution’ have a much more punk feel to their riffs, allowing the band to create new sounds while still delivering a familiar message.

With a lot of math rock/emo bands, the noise can get old and repetitive after a while. However, Swell shows Tiny Moving Parts as fresh and innovative. Energetic and honest, the trio present a new batch of technical and relatable songs. It’s a breath of fresh air in a time when everything feels recycled.


Swell is out now on Big Scary Monsters.