Andy Biersack BVB

BVB + AA: The Resurrection Tour – Manchester Academy (Live Review)

Black Veil Brides have been on my concert bucket list for years and so a co-headlining tour with Asking Alexandria had me doubly excited.

After a lot of confusion over photo passes and tickets we finally got inside just in time to catch the last two songs of the opening act, German electro-metalcore band To the Rats and Wolves. Their music transported me back to my Scene Kid days of 2006 and would definitely not have been out of place as my Myspace profile song, very nostalgia-inducing but that’s not to say that their sound was in anyway dated and the young members of the crowd were loving it just as much as I was. Despite the fact that half of the audience were still stood outside waiting to get into the venue for most of TTRAW’s set it was obvious that those who were there we’re totally buying into this band and I’m sure that it won’t be long before we’re seeing them headlining tours of their own over here.

Asking Alexandria

The anticipation for Asking Alexandria was palpable, you could feel the energy buzzing around the room and couldn’t help but be sucked into the chants of “A fucking A” from the audience. The release of their fifth studio album in December and the return of beloved frontman Danny Worsnop ensured that fans would definitely not want to miss this tour and for anyone who did… well, you have my sympathies. AA kicked off their set with their latest single, the emotively powerful ‘Into the Fire’ and the crowd go wild. It’s not long before crowd surfers are dropping over the barrier and being escorted away by security.

The boys from York power through an impressive set of old and new music, including acoustic versions of ‘Someone, Somewhere’ from their first album and ‘Vultures’ from their newest. Worsnop has the voice of an angel and devil combined and is able to expertly marry the two sides resulting in devastatingly beautiful vocals, screaming or singing, he is able to evoke emotion (I had something in my eye, that’s all).
And we couldn’t talk of emotion and not think of lead guitarist Ben Bruce, it couldn’t be any more clear how much this guy truly loves his job, the pure joy on his face the entire set made him a pleasure to watch.

Ben Bruce

The entire set was exciting and well put together in terms of pace and energy and they made it seem so effortless which proves that these guys know what they are doing. This is the right time, the right sound, the right line-up and we can’t wait to see what comes next for this amazing band.

The second the first member of Black Veil Brides walks onto the stage the screams begin to drown out the music. This tour has been a long time coming for the ever-dedicated BVB Army and the excitement has reached maximum levels and within minutes of the first chord being strummed a young girl has already been lifted over the barrier about to faint.

The set was initially plagued by technical difficulties but the band handled it like pros and most of the crowd wouldn’t have noticed a thing, plus their deafening screams covered up any major issues. There were times when the drums and guitars seemed too loud for the vocals but that didn’t stop the guys from putting on an amazing show. As with AA, Black Veil Brides set consisted of both older material and new tracks from their latest album Vale which was only released on 12th January. Of course, that didn’t stop the crowd knowing every single word and chanting along to ‘Wake Up’ and ‘When They Call My Name’.

Andy Biersack

Frontman Andy Biersack recently mentioned on Twitter than he had been suffering with a cough and cold but there was no evidence of that during their killer set and he put to bed those crazy rumours that had been floating around about him apparently no longer being able to scream like he did in the early records with a flawless performance of ‘Knives and Pens’ followed later by ‘Perfect Weapon’. If anything, his voice is even stronger and more controlled now than it was back then.

Ashley Purdy BVB

Every member of BVB is insanely talented and seem to be masters of their crafts. Ashley Purdy‘s sultry bass fused with the insanely energetic drumming of CC Coma provides the perfect foundation. The intricate flair of lead guitarist Jake Pitts fused with the classical prowess of Jinxx‘s guitar, violin, and piano ensures that this band is like no other. Raising his hand and conducting the audience in a synchronised sway, Biersack is the perfect puppet master, able to control the crowd effortlessly and have the fans hanging on his every last word and as the last note of ‘In the End’ rang out I instantly wanted to go back to the start of the night and relive it all over again.

Andy Biersack BVB

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