Set in the unforgiving snow plains of an American Indian reservation in Wyoming, USA, Wind River is a chilling tale of tragedy, murder and mystery – perfect for all of the self-acclaimed detectives and crime thriller fans out there. Wildlife service tracker Cory Lambert (Jeremy Renner) discovers the body of a local 18-year-old woman on the remote Native American reservation. He teams up with rookie FBI agent Jane Banner (Elizabeth Olsen), sent to investigate the mysterious and brutal killing of the young woman.

Two time Academy Award nominee Jeremy Renner takes the lead as game tracker Cory, a mysterious character with a haunted past. The talented actor’s performance is very believable, bringing much depth to his character. Soon it becomes clear that his character Cory is not just on the search for a killer but there is in fact a deeper meaning behind his efforts. Tormented by tragic events from his past, the search for the killer is also a search for his own redemption.

Renner’s performance doesn’t outshine Elizabeth Olsen’s great portrayal of FBI agent Jane who is tasked with solving the murder. Having never dealt with a homicide before it appears she is completely out of her depth and is totally unprepared for the conditions of the freezing wilderness. Her grit and determination ultimately prove those who doubted her wrong, although her search for answers turns into a gripping fight for survival.

Once you start watching Wind River it’s difficult not to become hooked on the storyline, it’s the type of film you have to watch till the end. Crime thrillers can quite often have an overly complicated plot that some viewers may find hard to follow however Wind River does not. Very clever storytelling has been used to leave the perfect breadcrumb trail for the audience without being too complicated or obvious. You’re left guessing just as much as Cory and Jane are, drawing you in and making you feel involved in the narrative.

The film is set in the perfect location for creating a mysterious and chilling theme. The largest wilderness in the lower 48 sets a dark tone, a place where the rule of law is eclipsed by the laws of nature. Wind River boasts all of the elements needed for a dramatic crime thriller, consisting of murder, mystery and suspense – all of which leads to a nail biting finale. This film will not disappoint fans of the crime thriller genre, or even those who perhaps don’t watch them as much.

Wind River has a fairly serious tone from beginning to end, as you would expect considering the narrative. It’s not one of those feel good films to boost your mood, there won’t be any laugh out loud kind of moments, it’s just not that type of film. It is however thoroughly interesting and entertaining, very much worth the watch.

Wind River is available on DVD and Blu-ray from 22nd January.

Dir: Taylor Sheridan

Prd: Elizabeth A. Bell

Scr: Taylor Sheridan

Starring: Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, Kelsey Asbille, Julia Jones

Year: 2017

Country: Canada, USA

Music by: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis