After years of radio silence, Datarock are back. The beloved Norwegian synth-pop quartet, who brought us such bangers as the Geek-does-Grease groover, ‘Computer Camp Love’, and funk brimmed ‘Fa Fa Fa’, are set to release their first album in nine years. Entitled Face The Brutality, the album is set for release in early 2018.

The first single from it, ‘Ruffle Shuffle‘, couldn’t be a more onomatopoeic if it tried. Drums and hand claps, quite simply, shuffle through a maze of cynically edged summer grooves. If it wasn’t so cold outside, you’d be heading to the nearest stretch of sandy beach with this as your soundtrack.

But cold it is, so you’ll just have to make do with some thermostat tampering and a bit of imagination as you long for summer with the track, below.

The band have also released a rather brilliant trailer for the new album. Watch it below.