This Week on NXT: 13/12/2017

Well, it’s that time once again people. Let’s take a look at what happened this week on NXT. Will our hopes be crushed? Or will our hearts sore? It’s a little of both really. In any case, Let’s take a look.

Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega vs Fabian Aichner 

Andrade immediately went on the offence, which was quickly short lived as Aichner turned into a goddamn superhero and leapt all over the place. One impressive top rope dive, then another one into a DDT, Aichner was definitely here to prove his worth. Even though Aichner had the speed and the agility, he took his eye off the ball after a distraction from Vega led him to his defeat. Andrade locked in the Hammerlock DDT and came out the winner. An astonishingly quick match, but was fun enough to open the show, at least it wasn’t another squash match.


– Sanity has not left the battlefield and wants to finish what they started next week.
– Street Profits introduced a new show called Street Talk where they interact with the NXT universe. It’s fine, helps them connect with the crowd and plus makes them look good.
– Shana Baszler is coming to NXT. Looking forward to what she can do on the show.
Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs The Authors of Pain
After seeing that two of my favourite guys on NXT are up against the AOP. My first thought was “Oh great they’re going bury them aren’t they?” But once they started working in tandem to uppercut and slap their opponents to victory… this is what I hoped would’ve happened, if the AOP hadn’t just finished them off with the last chapter and the combined powerbomb.
In other words… “You’ve raised my hopes and dashed them so expertly, Bravo!”
Ember Moon vs Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay
The champ was on form as she ran circles around Peyton Royce, but you should never take your focus away as once again the heel took advantage and started to lock up Ember in a submission through the ropes. As the match went on, it seemed to go either way as both women fought for the top spot. Whether you’re disappointed or satisfied, Ember Moon won with the Total Eclipse, I’m a little annoyed we won’t be getting Peyton vs Ember for the title yet.
Things turned sour as Billie Kay gave one hell of a boot to Ember and led to a full-on assault by the Iconic Duo. Nikki Cross came to the aid of Ember and managed to fight off the attackers. With just Nikki and Ember in the ring, Nikki eyed the women’s title and quickly evacuated the premises. Actually, Ember vs Nikki? YES PLEASE.

Adam Cole vs Aleister Black

Who is going to be the 3rd member in the fatal four-way?
Adam Cole may have let the cockiness get to him, as he was popping “Babays’ ” like nobodies business… granted that sounds weird out of context, I promise it’s all safe for work. Black has proved what happens when you disrespect him, and he turned the tables quickly to show Cole who was the boss.
As Cole tried to overcome this new challenge, Black merely bided his time and waited for his moments to strike. While he did take a beating both verbal and physical, Black combatted the mind games and came back with full force. Cole was not a pushover though, even with a roundhouse kick from Black after a failed leap, Cole would still get back up and fight. The big moves came out but neither man would concede. Cole couldn’t believe his eyes, even in the end he kept fighting but he succumbed to the deadly Black Mass.
A little short for my tastes, but for what it was I was entertained. Later down the line if we get a rematch with these two, you better believe it’ll be twice as exciting. Both men work marvellously and should be a treat to see what they get up to next. Aleister Black moves another step closer to the NXT Championship, will he succeed? It’s anyone game.