Man, I feel like some Christmas!

Okay so I might be cheating by quoting The Santa Clause 2, but what are you going to do about it?

Funnily enough I hadn’t even seen any of the Santa Clause movies until a few years back when my then girlfriend (now wife) told me that they were an essential Christmas watch. Now we watch them every year, although the third one leaves a lot to be desired. Tim Allen is pretty awesome. From Buzz Lightyear to fronting Home Improvement he’s done a lot of good entertainment over the years and makes for the perfect lead in Scott Calvin. Poor old Scott ends up killing Santa by accident and has to step into his shoes to ensure all the kids aren’t let down.

It’s a pretty funny concept and it works well as a family movie. Whether it’s his relationship with his son or the elves, there’s a great supporting cast for Allen to bounce off and even better there’s Judge Reinhold. Now there’s a real blast from the past.

It’s a movie guaranteed to make you smile and fill you with Christmas cheer. It’s not quite as good as Home Alone or Elf, and not nearly as exciting as Die Hard, but if you’re looking for an easy Sunday afternoon watch for all generations to enjoy then this is the one for you.

So I have to concede and admit that my wife was right and that Tim Allen deserves to be added to anyone’s Christmas viewing list. I totally get the milk and cookies addiction. There’s something that just feels genuine and traditional about The Santa Clause that almost takes you back to a different, more simple time. It’s perfect escapism from the pressures of the real world. Once you’ve enjoyed this you can move onto the sequel and we can argue about which one is better. Just don’t expect me to talk to you ever again if you choose the third one. That’s as offensive as picking the Star Wars prequels.