Al Gore returns with An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power, remaining on the front lines of pushing forward his campaign to stop global warming. Many points are made throughout the course of this movie that were also touched upon in its prequel documentary such as the dire necessity of renewable sources, the prolonging effects that drastic changes in weather threaten and the alarming rate in which the ice caps are falling away and throwing off the natural balance of our oceans.

The first point that should be made is that this sequel is unfortunately not of the same calibre as its predecessor. Changing up Davis Guggenheim for directors Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, the film tends to periodically shift off track with important arguments with various facts and key information left unanswered (e.g Miami segment and exactly how often streets are flooded). The pace of the feature length may feel stretched out due to a lack of recent visual evidence and lull in environmental activity but this crucial subject remains as urgent and in need of addressing as its 2006 prequel. The calm before the storm is unquestionably when actions need to be taken as Gore has been doing for the last ten years.

This film is however far from a flop. The constant reminding of this subject is critical if change is ever going to succeed. When secrets such as deliberate satellite equipment are revealed and countries including Pakistan commit time and effort to dig mass graves in preparation for the many lives to be lost in the incoming heat waves, which should be more than enough evidence that amendments need to be made and made soon.

The basic fundamentals are that for those who believe Al Gore is wrong in his arguments and global warming is a farce need reminding that this is a man with no agenda or money making scheme to get rich quick. His goals reside in his dedication to saving the planet against the relentless force of Mother Nature with the best interests of the people at heart, including removing heavy Co2 emissions from our polluted air and finding a way to combat this ever-growing problem. With retaliation taking the form of ‘An Inconvenient Truth…Or Convenient Fiction?’, the fixation on who is to blame consistently overthrows the real issue which is how to solve or simply slow down the process.

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is a stern and vital reminder that the world is still changing and regardless of the public realising the same, the predicament rapidly grows in magnitude and danger for many countries. Whereas some may see this film as some form of self-righteous vanity display of what Gore has gone out to achieve and has done for “the people”, it should be taken into account that many points of the film make it frustratingly irrefutable that although he has a phone bursting with the right contacts, the former vice president is receiving constant setbacks put in place by his own government. Because once we reach that tipping point, the value of money will be nothing more than how much can keep you afloat.

Dir: Bonni Cohen, Jon Shenk

Prd: Davis Guggenheim, Lawrence Bender, Jeff Skoll

Scr: Al Gore

Cast: Al Gore, George W. Bush, John Kerry

Cinematography: Jon Shenk

Music: Jeff Beal

Country: USA

Running Time: 1hr 38mins

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is available on DVD and Digital from 11th December 2017