Survivor Series is turning 30 this year. One of WWE’s “Big Four” PPVs saw many Superstars debut like The Undertaker, The Rock or Kurt Angle. We’ve had betrayals and several legendary matches (read here). RAW and SmackDown Live rosters will collide in Champion vs. Champion bouts and traditional Survivor Series Elimination matches. Which brand is better than the other? Which feuds are going to end, or start? Who will shine and who will fade into the shadows? Here’s what the VultureHound team think will go down.

Victoria’s Predictions

One of the more interesting matches will see the Phenomenal One vs The Beast as the WWE Champion and the Universal Champion clash for the first time. Regardless of the end result, the match itself is sure to be a hit with fans and seeing two of the biggest stars of each brand collide is something no one should be missing out on. I’m expecting Queen Charlotte to walk out of Survivor Series with a victory over Alexa Bliss. However, with Bliss now having far more momentum and skill than she did the last time these two clashed during their days in NXT, I’m confident that Bliss will have a brilliant all-round performance and possibly her best to date. We also have Carmella to consider as she is still carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase and Charlotte is likely to be surprised by Carmella who cashes in, setting up a fresh feud with Charlotte.

Lee’s Predictions

Firstly, Shield/New Day is a dream match, but it should only happen once. Their respective gimmicks are kryptonite for each other’s momentum. Shield to win as they are the more serious of the two. Otherwise, the card is hard to read. It’s been chopping and changing so much, I don’t know which direction they’re even thinking of going in. Not that many of the matches matter, no titles (bar one) are actually on the line, and SmackDown is even looking past the event to Starrcade. Still though, as exhibition matches go, we have some doozies. Brock to beat AJ, he’s worth too much to the company. Team RAW can’t lose twice in two years, SDLive to lose via KO and Zayn interference. Same for women’s match, except this time the Canadian interfering will be Natalya. Charlotte takes down Bliss, Enzo retains and just to even up SD a little, Corbin beats Miz.

Amanda’s Predictions

So, predictions: Enzo Amore to beat Kalisto. Miz to beat Baron Corbin (with help from the Miztourage). RAW’s women over SmackDown’s women (RAW have Nia Jax and Asuka remember), with either Natalya or, hopefully, Paige as the fifth member of the SmackDown team. Charlotte Flair to beat Alexa Bliss. Shield over New Day (unless they plan to implode the Shield immediately, but I hope not). RAW’s men over SmackDown’s (with interference from Zayn and Owens), although I struggled with this as I think Jason Jordan might sabotage RAW, and cost Angle his job. Usos to beat The Bar. And Brock Lesnar to get the win over AJ Styles (I hope I’m wrong, but it makes no sense to have Brock lose here).

David’s Predictions

AJ vs Lesnar will nearly steal the show until Jinder gets involved and ruins it for everyone. Team Raw’s men will get screwed by Jason Jordan. The Shield will sneak out a win over The New Day in a classic. Usos, Alexa Bliss, The Miz and the SmackDown women come out victorious. Enzo to win again and continue being incredibly annoying.

Steph’s Predictions

One word is coming to my mind for this PPV: betrayal. In a card infected by the mumps aftermaths, the good idea of making a Raw vs. SmackDown PPV may be completely spoiled by personal matters. Survivor Series is turning 30 this year, will the candles be more red than blue? Or blue than red? Enzo retains, thanks to a cheap shot or a JawdonZo. The SHIELD is coming back on PPV, they just can’t lose. Charlotte Flair, Baron Corbin and The Usos have my vote. Team RAW, Women-wise, will win it, thanks to Asuka and Nia. Too many dissensions in Team RAW will cost them the win as Triple H would do anything to remove Angle, maybe with the help of Jason Jordan. Zayn and Owens could also interfere and reignite their feud with Shane McMahon. Styles vs. Lesnar will have no winner. It smells like a screw job. The betrayal can come from Mahal, Heyman, whoever. But the end is not going to be a fairy tale one.