Stone Sour Tour Preview

Back in August, Stone Sour embarked on their first tour for three years to promote their new album, Hydrograd. Their first gig back was in Paris, so tantalisingly close to Blighty surely they could have just popped over the channel to strum a few bars to their rabidly loyal UK fans on their way back to the States, but no. They went straight back over to Illinois, spent the summer hitting the festival circuit, circled the Pacific South West, went back to America, hit mainland Europe, and now finally, finally are crossing UK borders to kick off the last leg of their tour.

Hydrograd is more of an upbeat album than the dark monochrome of Audio Secrecy or the epic goth theatre of House of Gold & Bones. It has more of a party mood to it. Titles such as ‘Song #3’ and ‘Rose Red Violent Blue (This Song Is Dumb & So Am I)’ betray the band’s tongue-in-cheek attitude to writing the tunes on this one, revealing that after that after a decade and a half of scowling stoicism, they might just be able to crack a smile on vinyl (for further evidence of this just look at the video below. Somehow I can’t see that getting past the concept stage at a Slipknot meeting).

Their UK gigs will be aided by The Pretty Reckless who themselves have an album to plug, this one being the bluesy Who You Selling For. The Reckless are a good choice to warm up fans for Stone Sour’s more Rock ‘and’ Roll focussed set. They’re so good at bringing the sleaze, they could make the Royal Albert Hall feel like a grotty Denmark Street dive bar at three in the morning.

Catch us back here for our review of their date in London, when they play the O2 Brixton Academy on the 4th of December.