Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe has announced the PlayStation Plus Open Multiplayer Event which will enable all players – including those without an active PlayStation Plus membership – to enjoy online multiplayer without charge fromĀ 10 AM GMT on Wednesday the 15th of November, to 10 AM GMT on Sunday the 20th of November.

You don’t have to sign up or put down any credit card info; you can just start playing as soon as the event commences. It looks like Sony wants as many people playing on the PS4 as humanly possible before the Christmas shopping season forces consumers to choose fealty to either one console or the other.

PlayStation have been enjoying a 2:1 lead over X-Box One sales since the start of this new generation, but with the success of the X-Box One X surpassing that of the PS4 Pro last year, Sony might be a little worried that their rivals might close the gap this holiday period. A free weekend of multiplayer might just be the edge they need to get their PS4 playing base to convince their friends to stay on the dark side.