James Storm Talks Bobby Roode, Beer & His Future Inside The Ring

He is one of the longest serving talents on the TNA/IMPACT Wrestling roster; a man who has earned himself, not only an illustrious career with many achievements, but also gathered a strong and persistent reputation in the world of mainstream professional wrestling. A cowboy who has dished out countless amounts of bad luck via a ferocious Superkick whilst also having the respect, politeness and overall decorum to apologise beforehand! ‘Sorry about your damn luck!

The wrestler in question needs no introduction whatsoever, this man is (of course), JAMES STORM!

A onetime TNA Worldwide Heavyweight Champion and also King of the Mountain title holder; he has also claimed the tag team gold countless times. I believe it is safe to say that our fondest memories of James Storm involved in tag team scenarios could well have been when he was one half of Beer Money Inc. alongside the now glorious one; Bobby Roode.

We recently took part in a media call with the former Heavyweight Champion and asked him about a number of topics including who he liked to watch growing up, how it was working with Bobby Roode and much more.

On which tag team he admired the most during his younger years?

 ‘You know growing up especially being from Tennessee, or whatever, I kinda leaned more toward the Rock and Roll Express, I was a big fan of theirs growing up, even now I’m still a big fan, and I got to be on some shows with them. I was really happy when they got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, they’re awesome those guys, they deserve it. But you know, you don’t really have to get along with the person that you’re wrestling with. You can have different backgrounds and do whatever, you know me and Bobby proved that he’s a Canadian and here I am, a redneck from Tennessee and you know, we just made it work, you know you take two guys who kind of just naturally feed off of each other. That’s the whole key, you’ve got to learn how to feed off each other and put on a great show instead of one guy going out there all for himself and trying to be the big main star of the tag team.’

 On the open mid-match arguments we often saw on TV between James and Bobby

 ‘Oh yeah! It was just one of those things that when in Beer Money Inc. we would never hide ourselves from each other at all and that would go right through to the match where we would literally stand there arguing and people would think it’s part of the match or show or whatever and a lot of times it wasn’t. He’d be like ‘No, do it this way!’ and I’d be like ‘Aaaargh!’ and this is what made us work, you know, we agreed to disagree and did our jobs.’

 ‘Chuck the ego out the door, you don’t want one guy going out there trying to be the big star of the team you’ve got to put the team first. In a lot of tag teams you get single stars put together and you know they don’t know how to check their egos and one guy wants to be a  bigger star than the other guy in the tag team and it wasn’t that way with me and Bobby we both know what it is to know our roles and how to do what we need to do to put on a great match.’

On who he would choose as a tag team partner and why.

 ‘You know that’s one of those million dollar questions and I really don’t feel like doing any more tag team wrestling right now, I just wanna do stuff on my own and prove that I can do stuff on my own because I’ve been there and done it. I’ve kinda proved myself in tag team and now I want to prove myself as a single wrestler because I know that I can do it but you know if there was a guy that is in the company now that I had to be in a tag team with I would probably have to say either Eddie Edwards or EC3, I know what they’re capable of in the ring and they have the same kind of mindset as I do, you know we’re not going out there to try and overshadow each other and be a bigger star, we’re going out there to do a job and get a team over.’

 On his favourite beer in the UK?

I really can’t tell you which is which and which one’s my favourite because I always just leave the ordering up to them, and they’ll bring back a pint of beer and a shot of Jack Daniels. I can definitely tell the difference just because it’s thicker over in the UK than it is in the US.’

 On his future in the business?

‘Man, you know I just er, there’s a lot that I can’t really talk about, but you never know what the future holds, there might be new door opening, you know. All I can do is just work my butt off, just get in the best shape I can and just show up for work and do what I’m told. That’s really a wrestlers mentality, you know his job is to just to be ready and whenever his numbers called and get in the ring and do his job. The old cowboy James Storm is just going out there, helping young guys out and telling them what they need to do and how to work on TV and stuff, so right now I’m just kinda enjoying the ride.’