‘Ohio’ is the third single from Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers debut Call Them Brothers, and sees somewhat of a departure from the rest of the guitar heavy album.

The single starts with a melancholic piano part, which accompanies and compliments a dark electronic bass rumple and minimal drumming to perfectly accent the fragile vocal. Slowly electronic glitches are added creating a warm hum which is completely removed by a feedback soaked guitars as a characteristic wall of noise is created. Then comes the hidden moment of song writing genius, a moment of relative quiet, maybe a second to reflect before the song hits climax.

This moment of reflection allows the strong lyrical thread to weave stories of regret and lost love with vocals full of emotive cracks. Every word, every note and every feedback soaked hum has been meticulously placed to continue to build the emotion before much like the moment of reflection the single closes with a full stop after the words “Ohio she was the one”.

The release once again includes a music video which is a piece of visual art on its own, this has been provided by collaborator Vitapoesia who also produced the three previous music videos. In this instalment a tale of loneliness is told with simple yet effective video work, which much like the music it accompanies is full of layers. Colourful overlay effects create visuals which work perfectly with the single.

Presumably this will be the final single taken from Call Them Brothers and it looks like they have saved the best for last.

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