It’s not every day that a band reaches their eleventh studio album. Occupying the middle ground between infectious, hook-driven pop-rock and pure experimental genius, Weezer have certainly not limited themselves to either end of the spectrum. Despite various band members straying to work on solo projects throughout the band’s career, the American rock mainstays have continued to effortlessly spiral out record after record, and with the forthcoming release of Pacific Daydream set for tomorrow (Friday October 27th), we’re taking this Throwback Thursday opportunity to look back on the nineties alt-rock record that made their name, the infamous self-titled album, better known as the Blue Album.

‘My Name Is Jonas’ kickstarts the record in a bittersweet acoustic fashion, before exploding into a punk-inspired guitar riff complimented by anthemic lyrical hooks and an atmosphere of teen-angst, unintentionally paving the way for bands such as Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard. The jealousy-infused ‘No One Else’ is followed by a melancholic grunge effort in the form of ‘The World Has Turned And Left Me Here’, before ‘Buddy Holly’ takes centre stage. An essential component in making the band’s name, this fan favourite has gone on to become one of the most memorable rock songs of all time courtesy of its original sound, power-pop riffs and contagious lyrics. If you know Weezer, you know ‘Buddy Holly’.

Marking the third best-known Weezer track of all time, ‘Undone – The Sweater Song’ features droning verses that pull the track back to the band’s grunge-heavy roots and a guitar solo that provides a subtle shout out to Cuomo’s metal influences. ‘Surf Wax America’ closely borderlines the skate punk sounds of Blink 182 and the Ataris, while another infamous masterpiece slows the pace with impressive emotional intensity in ‘Say It Ain’t So’. An ode to our teenage years comes next with the simplistic but memorable ‘In The Garage’, and ‘Holiday’ sets the standard for future acts like as the Honorary Title before reverting back to the start of the record via another bittersweet acoustic guitar.

Transitioning into heavier grunge riffs and dreamy pop melodies, ‘Only In Dreams’ brings the album to a close with the fuzz-rock sounds we’re far more used to hearing in 2017, showcasing the influence that Weezer have had on acts such as Tigercub and Tame Impala. Regardless of what the band do next, they’ve managed to brilliantly combine everything we loved about rock in the nineties in such a way that the album remains relevant to this day. The Blue Album will always be one of the greatest and most-loved rock albums of the 1990s.

Pacific Daydream is out on Friday October 27th via Crush Music. Check out the video for latest single, ‘Happy Hour’ below.