We’re officially on the road to Bound for Glory. The card is just starting to take shape and 2 questions will already be answered tonight: who’s gonna be Eli Drake’s opponent and what is a 5150 Street Fight as LAX announced last week? On this episode, Rosemary will be in action, an intergender tag team match is set, Sienna, Caleb Konley, Texano will compete against Allie, Dezmond Xavier and James Storm. We also will head to Japan where Eli Drake, Garza Jr. and NOAH Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards competed at The Great Voyage 2017 In Yokohama Vol. 2 on October 1st. Let’s get ready for some action so… 

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After a recap of how we got to Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. match for the number one contendership against Global Champion, Eli Drake, and Jim Cornette’s thoughts on Drake after the Garza/ Adonis match last week, we had a glimpse of the Pro Wrestling NOAH event where Eddie Edwards, Eli Drake and Garza Jr. competed.

What is a 5150 Street Fight?

LAX headed to the ring and like Konnan said, “they are more serious than a late period and the blue pill of wrestling, that’s why we stay hard” (I didn’t change any word). Santana asked for a match right now to prove they could do whatever to get a shot at oVe for the title. Here came Jake and Dave Crist, chairs in hands, to even things up against LAX. 

Dave asked to name the match, Konnan answered a 5150 Street fight? Dave said they’ve been around the world and whatever the match is, they will fight. Konnan said they fully planned on sending both of them back to Ohio. Diamanté reminded LAX is not only Santana and Ortiz, it’s all of them, 5 people. She slapped Dave, allowing Santana and Ortiz to hit a cutter on Dave through chairs and launch Jake over the top rope through a table. To sum up, we could say it will be a 5 vs. 2 match where everything will be allowed…

– At Pro Wrestling Noah, Eddie Edwards was saying during a Press Conference he was honoured to be the Champion of the promotion because he was trained by NOAH. Scott D’Amore reminded how important these partnerships around the world are important for IMPACT.

– Recap from last week when Moose showed up at American Top Team training facility and Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. nearly brawled, thanks to Drake and Adonis.

Rosemary vs. Anna Harper

Rosemary smiled, laughed, punched, hit an elbow to the face and The Red Wedding for the win. Nothing more to say. Excepted she told the Impact Zone she was excited to have found a worthy opponent. “Taya Valkyrie, we implore you, to join us … and accept a dance with the demon!” Taya appeared and got in Rosemary’s face. When Rosemary was ready to mist her, Taya went first and sprayed red mist to Rosemary’s eyes. She hit The Road to Valhalla and started to laugh while standing over Rosemary.

Terrell goes personal…

Taryn Terrell came to the ring, asked the crowd to cheer her but they refused. Because she already has a title shot at Bound for Glory, she wanted to talk about Gail Kim and why her husband married her. Out came Gail Kim, calm and not impressed at all. She told Taryn not to be scared because she didn’t want to fight, just talk. She explained Terrell psychological games are not working on her, but karma will slap her before Gail even did. But suddenly Gail changed her mind and slapped her right in the face. Karma talked…

– Alberto El Patron talked about how you have to assume responsibility when you’re the champion as he was stripped of the title a few months ago. It was announced Alberto will be returning at Bound for Glory. Who is he going to feud against or befriend with? Surprise…

– Backstage, while Sienna said she was planning on throwing Allie around in the match, Texano promoted AAA and Caleb Konley said he was doing it tonight for Trevor Lee, Jim Cornette announced Taya and Rosemary will square off next week. (Meanwhile, Grado was tired to work too much and be surrounded by a bunch of ladies, thanks to Joseph Park…)

Sienna (w/ KM), Caleb Konley (w/Trevor Lee), and Texano vs. Allie, Dezmond Xavier, and James Storm

Allie and Sienna started off the match, a few strikes and Texano was tagged in. James Storm replaced Allie, but Texano tagged in Konley who at first was in a bad position but suddenly got the best of Storm. Texano got in and hit a nice leg lariat on Storm. Sienna tagged herself in an attacked Storm in the corner. Allie came to save The Cowboy but distracted the referee, allowing the whole team to attack Storm even more.

Texano continued to attack Storm for long minutes until Xavier and Konley came in the ring, nice kicks and standing swinging moonsault from Xavier. Sienna cut the pin, Allie rushed but stood in front of Texano. He tried a swing, he got double knees to the face. Everyone went after each other, Storm hit a backstabber on Texano, Konley sent Storm outside while Allie jumped on Sienna. In the ring, Konley was in control of Xavier. But he quickly rallied with a 619 around the ring post, tried to reach the top rope but Trevor Lee tripped him up though. Storm as the legal man came back to the ring, hit the Last Call superkick on Konley for the win. Texano stared at Storm before heading to the back. While Storm was staring at Allie like a kid in front of a candy store…

– Back to NOAH. Drake defended his title while Edwards explained what it meant to him to be the first foreigner to be a NOAH Champion. He talked about his opponent, Marufuji, and we saw a bunch of clips from their match that Edwards won. Garza Jr. talked about how he planned to represent IMPACT in Japan.

– While LAX was happy to see Homicide join them at Bound for Glory, Moose met former MMA fighter Stephan Bonnar at night in front of ATT’s facility, with some metal pipes…

#1 Contender Match for the Global Championship: Garza Jr. vs. Johnny Impact

Two high flyers in the ring who has known each other very well was enough to make a great match. Loads of quick back and forth action to start the match. Back from the break, Johnny was on the floor, Garza hit a suicide dive and sent Johnny onto the steel steps. But Johnny recovered, kicked Garza, then ran towards the steps and bumped into Garza Jr. in a spin move.

Back in the ring, Garza lost his pants and superkicked Impact. The attack continued for long minutes, with Garza unable to get the 3-count. Johnny tried to rally with back and forth punches, headbutts until he and Garza dropped each other simultaneously in the ring while clotheslining each other. Johnny came back with a leg sweep and a hip-hop leg drop. Johnny reached the top, tried to go for the Starship Pain but landed on his feet. He then caught  Garza’s legs in the corner, threw them towards the outside of the ring, hit a spinning kick and a  sliding suplex.

Johnny went for another Starship Pain, missed, Garza Jr. hit a standing moonsault, near fall. Garza went up top, got kicked and punched to the face by Johnny who climbed too. He went for a superplex but Garza pushed him and hit a nice missile dropkick. Garza connected with a modified Boston Crab, but Johnny rolled up and got the pin. Impact may have won, Garza Jr. would have a tremendous contender for the Championship (a Triple Threat match with Impact, Garza Jr. and Drake would have been magic…). An absolutely fascinating match, a 5-star classic from great high-flyers.

After the match, Johnny and Garza shook hands. Garza raised Johnny’s hands as Jim Cornette entered the ring to confirm Johnny will face Eli Drake at Bound for Glory. If Eli Drake was in Japan, Chris Adonis was there and smacked Johnny’s head with a piece of wood. Drake was smiling from Japan…

– At the AAA training facility, Moose and Bonnar decided to smash the glass showcases to grab all the titles inside. Bonnar also damaged some trophies. The two dumped all the merchandises to the floor in front of the secretary who did nothing to stop them.

Even with a brilliant main event, I still have mixed feelings because still blah-blah land and good action in this episode. Have the lines moved since last week? To be honest, no. This episode didn’t bring more to the Bound for Glory card. The AAA-IMPACT war may lead to a match, Moose’s quest for Lashley too… But there are only 3 weeks remaining until the PPV…  We already knew it for AAA, but NOAH partnership is also a fruitful one for IMPACT (no war on the horizon for the moment). I confirm IMPACT is really getting better and better… even if for the moment it has reached a plateau with the Bound for Glory build up. We’ll see in 3 weeks if the show can reach a higher level…

Bound for Glory card (updated)

Global World Championship match: Eli Drake (c) vs. Johnny Impact

Knockouts Championship Four-way match: Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Allie

*  World Tag Team Championship 5150 Street Fight: oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana w/ Konnan, Homicide and Diamanté)

* The return of Alberto El Patron

All pics, videos and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling