Superfood – The Joiners, Southampton (Live Review)

With the recently released Bambino fresh in our ears, Superfood set out across the UK to confirm what we already know; that they are back and better than ever. Their second album shows a great amount of growth in the band, now a duo, as they edge away from Britpop, and delve into, well, a little bit of everything. Perhaps most prevalent in this latest work, is the use of funk and soul, wonderfully woven into their own take on pop. This all comes alive brilliantly on stage, bu the tour is not without its throwbacks.

Their Southampton show is sold out, filling out The Joiners with people ready to get down and boogie. First to the stage are the ever so sensual four piece Barbudo, serving up a delicious psychedelic wave of funk. They fill the room with a loving energy and a downright unhealthy dose of bass. They are the perfect nod to the new sound that old Superfood fans can expect later on, and as the night goes on to show, there are certainly plenty of them in the crowd.

Next up are WhenYoung, a band more suited to pre-Bambino Superfood. A sweet indie rock piece with a familiar sound that is easy on the ears. A fine performance and despite not standing out a great deal, they certainly hold a lot of promise.

The lights go down and the delicate soundscape of ‘C Is For Colour’ plays ominously as the Superfood approach the stage, before erupting into a ball of energy with ‘Where’s The Bass Amp?’. It is a little more rough on the edges, which is initially difficult to take considering the polished sound of Bambino. However, as it booms through the venue, there is little more to care about than how huge that sound is, and of course, how happy they are to be performing it.

Still, as they dip in to 2014’s album, Don’t Say That, a storming performance of ‘Want To Believe’, brings a whole new level of ferocious energy. Bambino may have received a lot of love over the last month, but it seems that no matter what, the fans that came before it are still reveling in Superfood’s past. Either way, the whole night is a hot and sweaty delight, and all the hard work that has gone in to their latest songs shines through. Whether they are playing their new smooth funk, or their gravelly indie pop, there is a huge sense of pride in what they do, as well as gratitude for those who find the joy in it.

Their passion is shared with those in the crowd, the entirety of their encore featuring stage invasions and very bumpy crowd surfing. No matter what side of Superfood fans are on, this night proved that as long as a band has confidence in what they do, it will be appreciated all the same. A fun night that perfectly exhibited the biggest moments of Bambino, while revisiting some unforgettable favourites, Superfood are going stronger than ever.