The prominent and ever-successful Alex Kurtzman is back with his take on the slowly fading franchise known as ‘The Mummy’. Regardless of the ludicrous $80 million budget and renowned actors to grace the cast list however, there is apparently no person or financial agreement that can stop this tale from being buried for good.

Fitting the cinematic template hammered into its description that reads “adrenaline-packed action blockbuster”, the unexpected mix-mash of fictional universes and progressively tedious plot steadily loosened the hold on the audience’s attention, leaving a mediocre attempt at spicing up the stagnating story. Adapting a Christophe Gan-style horror thread for Sofia Boutella’s regeneration process may have admittedly added a chilling element to her character but ‘Ahmenet’ as a new face lacked in terms of generating a successful level of fear and dread that her predecessor Arnold Vosloo did. Her pact with the devil was simply an excessive and rigid attempt to make her appear overbearingly menacing when in reality, cold-heartedly slashing a newborns throat and your entire family without the concept of insidious possession would have been seen as a trifle more troubling.

With Cruise and Wallis delivering some fairly average and unconvincing acting throughout and Jake Johnson proving to be the only remotely amusing element (other than watching the movie balance precariously with the weight of its acceptance chiefly on the two largest A-listers performances), his casual comedic qualities offered a smattering of small titters whereas an equilibrium of poor writing and cringe worthy delivery left the rest of the actors readings bumpy and uncomfortable.

The preposterous flaw that slipped quietly out of the sarcophagus along with ‘Ahmenet’ however, was the incredibly questionable decision to integrate 80’s Stevenson fiction into the same reality while confirming the existence of sharp-fanged, blood drinking terrors. Russel Crowe as Eric Hyde and Dr Henry Jekyll was a conclusively exciting but undeniably pointless personality to write in to the script for another chapter-packing, one-on-one battle royale.

In conclusion, the motion picture as a whole is surrounded by lingering question marks that constantly ask why in an attempt to conclude the reasoning for many chapters and plot results. What was surely meant to be the pinnacle of the resurrected saga unfortunately went the way of the high priest Imhotep and was inevitably left as nothing more than an easy Sunday afternoon endeavour.

DirAlex Kurtzman

Scr: David Koepp, Christoper McQuarrie

Starring: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson 

Prd: Sarah Bradshaw

DOP: Ben Seresin

Music: Brian Tyler

Year: 2017

Country: USA

Run time: 1hr 50 mins