To many, especially those who haven’t read the comics, Ron Perlman IS Hellboy. And so when it was announced that the movie series was being rebooted with Stranger Things’ David Harbour in the title role, many wondered what sort of look this new Hellboy would take on.

Well, Hellboy fans, wait no longer, because the fresh and official Hellboy twitter account comes bearing answers.

And as it turns out, while Harbour’s Hellboy is a bit more rugged and grittier looking, overall he looks pretty similar to Perlman’s. Which, to be honest, is not unexpected; why mess with a classic?

The reveal of the new Hellboy comes soon after a new casting announcement, as Daniel Dae Kim replaced Ed Skrein as supporting character Ben Daimo; another member of the B.R.P.D; the agency that Hellboy works with to combat supernatural threats.

Alongside Harbour and Dae Kim, the Hellboy reboot also stars Milla Jovovich, Ian McShane, Sasha Lane and Penelope Mitchell, and will see Hellboy travelling to England to face off against Nimue, the Blood Queen (Jovovich).

Hellboy hits cinemas January 11th 2019.