It may have been a couple of years in the making, but Superfood’s perseverance through creative struggles has paid off as their second album, Bambino, powers through an eclectic mix of sounds with exhilarating momentum. The release of singles ‘Unstoppable’ and ‘I Can’t See’ has created high expectations and there is no room for disappointment. From fun bursts of energy, to chilled reggae vibes and even darker moods, this album has a flavour for everyone to enjoy.

Bambino opens with guns blazing as ‘Where’s The Bass Amp?’ gets you pumped for the album, while recorded conversations add a personal touch. It is a step away from their previous material, and while the lyric “she dances like herself” could very much point towards to someone in particular, it is immediately apparent that this album too works on its own, it is not a copy. Superfood have come up with something completely fresh, adding to the excitement of new material.

The album doesn’t stop giving, whether that’s from one track to another, or from one session of Bambino in its entirety to another. In between the bustle of energy we are given cool down moments, where lyrics “walking through the breeze” really fit the chilled out tone, whereas darker tones provide a moody and mellow vibe, with rich rhythms to kick your feet to. There’s funk and jazz injected indie pop, and then there’s Superfood. The intertwining of all these genres makes for an original sound, it’s not that we haven’t heard it before, it’s just that it’s damn well exciting, keeping us on our toes throughout the whole record.

One moment we’re enjoying the funk infused, soulful slacker rock of ‘Natural Supersoul’ (a really beautiful song that stands out with a message of being true to yourself and looking after number one), the next we’re propelled into the rockier verses of ‘Need a Little Spider’; a track laden with deeper rhythms and a smooth, soaring chorus. It only gets smoother from here, as ‘Raindance’ comes in, a jazz club type rhythm injected with soul pop. Maybe it’s disco jazz, maybe it’s just pure magic.

Referring to those personal touches at the start of the album, ‘C Is For Colour’ teases us in slowly, reintroducing that element of recorded conversations into the distance of its stripped back soundscape, taking us out of the room and into their world. Next track ‘Double Dutch’ continues this as the conversation is brought to the foreground, the nostalgia of actually playing double dutch accompanied by old school computer game sounds. Think Stranger Things soundtrack mixed with a mellow jazz pop narrative, as psychedelic waves seep in. This track encapsulates the delicate weaving of several genres, worked to perfection to create something that is hard to pin down. This is exactly the sort of thing that keeps music exciting, and Superfood are doing a wonderful job of it.

The remainder of the album wraps up the splendid variety of sounds, as the music keeps us in rhythm with the lyrics, without being predictable. It’s hard to fault Bambino, a pleasant surprise with each track that keeps you guessing; one of the most stimulating albums of the year.

Bambino is out now via Dirty Hit Records.

By Samantha Mae

Twitter @samaanthamae