During last nights 205 Live taping a former RAW superstar made his 205 debut, interrupting the current Cruiserweight Champion Neville. That man was none other than Enzo Amore.

For the longest time, Amore was commonly known to the WWE Universe as one half of a very popular tag team alongside Big Cass. The pair were inseparable in NXT and then finally made their long awaited main roster debut on RAW after WrestleMania 32. But the fairytale would finally come to an end when the promotion decided to shift the direction for Big Cass resulting in him attacking his former partner and creating a feud between the pair.

The feud however never really generated the buzz that they had clearly hoped for and ended in unfortunate circumstances for Big Cass, suffering an injury on the RAW after SummerSlam. So roll on a few days post SummerSlam and clearly they are moving past that and have moved Enzo to the Cruiserweight division.

With Enzo now going alone under a new brand, there certainly seems to be some support for him backstage regardless of what the reports have been saying. This new opportunity gives him the chance to prove that he can go it alone and more importantly for the WWE gives them another popular face to drive the 205 Live brand.

But the main question on everyones lips is can Enzo hang with the likes of Neville, Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander? Well you have to at least give him a chance to prove himself in my opinion. His in-ring ability has often been called into question but it has always been difficult for him to stand out when matched alongside a 7 foot giant who delivers moves that Enzo just isn’t capable of emulating.

Being in a division with guys of similar build to himself is surely going to help him develop as a performer and his microphone work is a huge part of his gimmick which is going to set him apart from the rest of the 205 roster. There isn’t many, bar perhaps Neville, who can deliver promos just like Amore. I think this is where he can really add something which the division has been missing.

I have been calling for more main roster guys to come down to 205 to give it some new life/storylines and so I am a big supporter of Enzo taking the leap. Lets be honest there wasn’t a huge opportunity staring him in the face on the main roster and now he has the possibility of challenging for the Cruiserweight Title and reinventing himself.

Only time will tell as to whether or not Enzo will improve both in the ring and backstage but I do believe that 205 Live may be a great place for him to hone his craft and add something extra to a division in desperate need for new talent.