Abrams. Lost.

Two thoughts. The two-worded feature. A new form of article. Very modernistic. Neoteric. But seriously. But seriously seriously. It’s good. Westworld?

It’s really really good… It’s taken this ol’ gunslinger almost a year past the show’s original release date to figure this out. To decide to step aboard the train that heads into the Westworld park.

The production value’s excellent. The acting’s great. The story runs well. The action, and the swearing. Oh how I love swearing. And the Man in Black. Ed Harris steals the show. As the mysterious guest determined to find ‘the maze’.

I could go on and on about all the things that make Westworld great. But, being a year behind the times, which is a millennium in TV world, I’m not going to analyse the past like so many lickless reviewers of our time like do. And who already have. A year ago… Instead, I’m gonna look to the future. And tell you, ‘you can’t trust Westworld’.

Is this this how A.I. will take control of our lives? The hosts will eventually escape the park and go living in the human world. It’s one hell of a theory. Of an idea. But it’s an idea that’s always been rehashed in one form or another by Michael Crichton. He has an obsession with parks. Jurassic Park, Westworld park, and, other parks…

But my problem isn’t Crichton. It’s Abrams. A master at setting up stories. Great starts. But it took six series and 121 episodes to get to the end of Lost. The first TV series that really hooked me. Hooked me till about season three. Then I just got tired of all the cliff-hangers every five minutes just before the American ad breaks came on (I was watching it through an illegal stream on the internet.) I never did find out what happened at the end. I heard conversations. It was a dream, or the passengers of the doomed Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 were all in a coma, or they were in purgatory.

Anyway, I suppose what I’m saying is Lost left me feeling angry. Angry at the time the show took up in my life. For no reward at the end. I felt the show neglected the viewer’s trust in its precious TV world (there you go Crichton, there’s another idea for a story). I was lead on. Same as the time Sally Hawkins lead me on at the primary 2s Christmas disco for my bottle of one-per-person rationed Chubbys’ cola. I never got over that. And I never got over Lost. So much promise. Such little result.

I’ve seen this all before. A.I, Cyborgs, the battle between man and machine. It’s great. Westworld. Season 2’s coming. Spring 18 the fan forums are saying. But you can’t trust Westworld. I challenge the show to prove me wrong. I’m not hiding behind hindsight here. I’m sticking my head above the parapet waiting for it to get blown off. And on my head is some lips. And they’re currently calling out over the jungle of infinity, ‘you can’t trust Westworld’. Simpleminded viewer, don’t lose your life like I lost mind. Go outside. Frolic in the fields. Let golden sunlight kiss your skin. Or, see if the show really does live up to its grandiose beginnings. But, my gunslinger’s gut feeling tells me, ‘don’t trust Westworld’.

Westworld Season 1 comes to DVD in November, whilst Season 2 hits our screens next spring.