Since The Hardys left Global Force Wrestling to come back to WWE, the Brothers and Impact Wrestling have been engaged in a cold war related to the “Broken Universe” Jeff and Matt Hardy developed in Impact Wrestling. Both The Hardys and GFW claimed the name was theirs and filed for trademarks on it. GFW tried to secure a trademark on 4 “Broken Universe”-related names but their file for registration was initially rejected.

“Broken Matt” was rejected mostly because Matt Hardy filed for it before GFW so to avoid confusion, GFW’s demand was rejected. If GFW wants to be allowed to allowed to het that trademark, they will have to prove with solid arguments their file is not conflictual with Hardy’s file.

For “Brother Nero”, the issue lies in the fact in the fact Brother Nero is a living person. Nero is in fact Jeff Hardy’s middle name so GFW can’t be allowed to use it without Jeff Hardy’s consent. The same way “Brother Matt’ is…

For the “Broken Brilliance”, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) rejected GFW’s demand because the company was unable to prove its association with pro wrestling (the term has to have any significance in professional wrestling or be a “term of art” in the wrestling business).

“Vanguard 1” trademark request was rejected too because this name is already associated with a non-wrestling related trademark (Vanguard 1, Hardy’s drone, shares its name with the fourth artificial Earth orbital satellite launched back in 1958).

GFW can of course make another trademark file. Jeff Jarrett is convinced they could win in a court case as the intellectual property laws in USA aren’t perfectly defined. One thing GFW won’t be able to trademark for is the WWE crowds that are screaming “Broken’ and “Delete” every time the Hardys appears in a ring.