“What’s High Fidelity?” – WSTR (The Slam Dunk Catch Up)

Six months on from their killer pop-punk debut, Red Green or Inbetween, Vulture Hound caught up with Liverpool’s WSTR during a busy SlamDunk Midlands weekend. Vocalist Sammy Clifford and guitarist Danny Swift answer some difficult questions (and not so difficult ones) in the first of our Slam Dunk Catch Up’s…


Tell us who you are!

Jumping straight in there!

Our band is called waster, spelt WSTR. We released an album in January called Red Green or Inbetween you should probably check that out.

How has the album been received since it came out 6 months ago?

Its been amazing, it took quite a while to come out a little longer than we planned but it was great to see people get on board with it. It blew us away a bit that people were buying it, the reaction especially for a debut has been amazing.

How has it gone down live?

We’ve not actually played it that much live yet, we played the singles on a few tours and toured it once but we haven’t played the songs that much. They came out when we played with Seaway in January and that tour was sick, they all went down really well.

UK pop punk is absolutely flying at the moment what’s it like to be in the middle of that?

It’s really cool man, a lot of UK bands are making their way over to the states. It’s nice as it’s now being perceived as a serious thing. It’s always been seen as an American genre and now people are including the UK in that. I think we have our boys in Neck Deep to thank a lot for it – they have paved the way for us. It’s cool though it’s a nice scene to be involved in.

In a High Fidelity style what are you 5 favourite records of all time?

What’s High Fidelity? 

It’s a film/book about a pretentious record shop employee and his failing love life, he’s properly miserable. For everything he has a top five…

This is tough!

Blink 182Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, Blink 182 – Enema of the State, New Found GlorySticks and Stones…. aaaarrghh this is so tough…!

Would I put from Under Soil and Dirt in there? I probably would – if it wasn’t for The Story So Far I don’t think we would even be a band. I don’t think any of UK pop punk would exist without that band. Five oh no this is horrible… Can’t Stop Won’t Stop by the The Maine is incredible but I don’t know if it is top five of all time. To be fair, I am now thinking about every band I have ever listened to including like Nirvana, when I was a kid I absolutely thrived off them and I still do now. We are going to miss out some classics here… The Maine are probably one of my favourite bands right now but are they all time good? I remember showing him them in a cold basement in Cardiff freezing our tits off which was a bad decision but I have loved them ever since…. OK lets throw The Maine –Can’t Stop Won’t Stop in

What does the summer have in store for you?

We go to Australia soon with With Confidence and Seaway, we have a few festivals coming up Reading, Leeds and Truck Fest. We are currently demoing stuff for an album, no timelines or release dates in place but we are writing and seeing what direction we want to go in, we don’t know anything official yet. We have two new members joining Andy Makin on Drums and Jason Blackburn on guitars who hasn’t actually been announced yet so there you go a little exclusive for ya!


Red, Green or Inbetween is out now via No Sleep Records.