Warped Tour 2017 - VH

Like a time warp opening in the space time continuum; Warped Tour founder and godfather Kevin Lyman announced a Van’s Warped Tour line up straight out of yesteryear. While Warped Tour has always been known for its eclectic roster of talent both young and old, this latest installment may be more reason to cheer than usual.

With plenty of new faces appearing over the last couple of years, the need for a nostalgic march through the best part of our youthful summers has been much needed. “Warped” veterans of summer’s past have been collectively groaning online in an effort to be appeased. Well, this year, they’ve got their wish…

In honor of such an exciting occurrence Vulture Hound writer, Nicholas Grooms, has compiled a list of the ten must see bands who’ll be giving the Warped Tour audiences a collective “blast from the past” this year…


Hatebreed (playing 21/06 – 06/08)

The last time Hatebreed performed on the Warped Tour the “rap metal” craze was gripping the United States. As heavyweight hardcore bands like HB were keeping it honest while bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit were siphoning away all of the attention. Hatebreed has come a long way since 1998 and should prove to be an interesting addition to a festival – their style has changed so much over the years. However, I’m not worried about how they will fit in. Plus, the fact that they have inspired some of Warped’s heaviest acts over the years is always a hand in their favor.

Anti-Flag (playing 27/06 – 24/07)

You can’t throw the word ‘veteran’ around without mentioning these Pittsburgh punks; a band that is about to head out on their 10th Warped Tour – second only to Simple Plan who with touts 11 have made the most ever appearances. Anti-Flag is showing no signs of slowing down, as they continue to bring their politically charged brand of music to the ears of listeners both young and old.

Hawthorne Heights (playing 16/06 – 06/08)

Hawthorne Heights is a band that once drew the ire of boyfriends everywhere as songs like ‘Ohio is for Lovers’ and ‘Niki FM’ dominated the CD changers and car stereos of their girlfriends during the early 2000’s. More recently, Hawthorne Heights have simply been synonymous with writing more adult material. Stuff that a man in his early thirties can appreciate, while at the same time admitting those old songs they used to make were “kinda catchy”…

Valient Thorr (playing 6/16-8/6)

If you were a Warped tour regular in the early 2000’s it was hard to miss a band that claimed to be from another planet. The long time Volcom mainstays have somehow found themselves transported to 2017 on a mission to bring their unique brand of rock and weirdness to whole new generation.

The Ataris (playing 16/06 – 01/08)

The Ataris have been one of the most notable success stories of Warped Tour’s past. From being a pop punk band with a decent fan base (via Kung Fu Records) to becoming a major label success story, The Ataris have literally seen, heard and done it all. Luckily for us, singer Kris Roe has kept the project alive and will return to the Warped Tour again this year for another run.

GWAR (playing 16/06 – 01/08)

This is not a drill. GWAR is in playing the Van’s Warped Tour. Yes, GWAR, the band that dresses up like monsters and showers their fans in fake blood, foam, and basically ensures if you have on a white t-shirt, its fodder for the rag basket. Yes, that GWAR. Be sure you check them out as they make their maiden Warped Tour voyage this year.

Yes, it is the actual GWAR you are thinking of. I checked.

Save Ferris (playing 16/06 – 06/08)

Possibly the biggest roster shock of the year, ska legends Save Ferris make a welcome return to the tour. With their last appearance coming in the year 2000, Save Ferris is bound to be welcomed with open arms. Admittingly, singer Monique Powell’s voice still melts me all these years later.

Sick of it All (21/06 – 06/08)

Veterans of the inaugural edition of Warped tour and pioneers of their genre; Sick of it All return for their first Warped Tour of the modern era. Hopefully the youthful crowd is into music that is loud, fast and aggressive because that is the only way SOIA knows how to do it.

CKY (16/06 – 06/08)

Another huge surprise announcement was the return of alt rock act CKY who have been in hiding the last few years. Fresh off the release of their new album The Phoenix which drops in unison with their first date on the tour, the band returns as a 3 piece (now minus former member Deron Miller).

Candiria (6/21-8/6)

In their prime, Candiria was one of the most underrated bands ever. These days they’ve found a second wind and will be performing the majority of this year’s tour. Originally formed in 1992, the band has seen the ultimate highs and lows – ranging from their success as a band to a 2002 rollover accident that almost ended the band for good. Candiria have recently signed to Metal Blade and are highly active for the first time in years… as a long time fan, I couldn’t be happier to see them back.


The Van’s Warped Tour kicks off in Seattle, WA on June 16th. For more information on bands, tickets, locations and dates visit vanswarpedtour.com