Impact Wrestling has been in Mumbai, India, for the third consecutive week. The Wrestling Namasté continues after an amazing X-Division title match last week which crowned Sonjay Dutt for the first time in a 14-year career. The tension between Impact and GFW champions Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley is growing as the unification match will take place in 10 days, at Slammiversary on July 2. Moose also promises to announce who his tag team partner will be in his match against Eli Drake and Chris Adonis at Slammiversary.
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The show opens backstage in a dressing room where Sienna is trying to talk to Laurel Van Ness. She wants her to get to focus on their tag match tonight against Rosemary and Allie. Sienna tells Laurel that Rosemary will not show up for the match and Laurel will finally have the chance to get her revenge on Allie.


SONY SIX-WAY X-DIVISION ELIMINATION MATCH: Trevor Lee vs. Davey Richards vs. Suicide vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Matt Sydal

After last week’s Ten-Man Invitational Gauntlet Battle Royal, Sony Six, Impact partner on these Indian shows, is offering a new trophy to an X-Division wrestler and a future X-Division title shot. Rivals Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards go at each other immediately outside the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, the action is everywhere. Braxton Sutter clears the ring by attacking Lee, Suicide and Sydal one after another. Richards comes back to the ring to kick Sutter in the chest. Sutter hits a suplex and Richards comes back outside to be attacked again by Edwards with a suicide dive. Suicide sends Sutter outside to take care of Sydal. Kicks in the knee from Sydal but Suicide counters and send Sydal outside. With all his opponents outside, Suicide takes everyone out with a top rope trust fall dive.

Sans titre 3

Back from break, Suicide is leaping off the top rop with a cross body on Sutter. But Sutter rallies and hits a tough kick in the corner on Suicide and a neck breaker from the top rope. Trevor Lee comes back to hit a leaping forearm on Sutter to eliminate Sutter.

Elimination #1: Braxton Sutter

Lee and Richards team up to work together on Suicide, while Sydal and Edwards are outside the ring recovering. A few minutes later, Edwards runs to save Suicide and hits a flurry of moves on Lee and Richards. Edwards misses an attempt of charge in the corner and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Suicide tries to battle both Lee and Richards, but he is eliminated by Lee when he pins him after a leaping double foot stomp.

Elimination #2: Suicide

Sydal is back into the action. Action is everywhere, with Richards attacking Edwards and Lee attacking Sydal, finally with everybody attacking everybody. Everett hits Richards with a running enzuigiri but Richards grabs a steel chair from outside the ring. When Edwards attempts a suicide dive, Richards is hit in the air with the chair. Richards and Edwards go outside. More chairs are involved and Edwards ends up slamming Richards into a steel chair. Both Edwards and Richards are disqualified for using the chairs.

Elimination #3 and #4: Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards

Sans titre 4

The match is now down to Trevor Lee and Matt Sydal. Sydal is in control with loads of kicks and a standing moonsault on Lee, for a near fall. Lee tries to rally but Sydal hits a beautiful standing hurricanrana on Lee who was standing on the top rope. Another near fall. Sydal tries to reach the top rope but is knocked down by a stiff forearm from Lee.

Sans titre 2

Sydal answers with a roundhouse kick. He finally reaches the top rope and hit the shooting star press for the victory.

Bruce Prichard, Scott D’Amore and The Sony Six Pictures CFO Nitin Nadkarni come to the ring to present Matt Sydal with The Sony Six trophy.

Sans titre 5

Video of Rockstar Spud and Swoggle in India. Spud tries to get revenge on Swoggle on the streets of Mumbai, India, but a little Indian person shows up to break up the fight between them.

Backstage Allie is afraid Rosemary didn’t show up for their tag team match tonight.

Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park are still in quest of motivation for their Slammiversary tag team match against Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner.

KNOCKOUTS TAG TEAM MATCH: Rosemary & Allie vs. Sienna & ‘The Hot Mess’ Laurel Van Ness

A panicked Allie shows up on the ramp with a kendo stick. Rosemary’s theme hits but she doesn’t appear. Sienna and Laurel make their way up the stage to attack Allie but Rosemary is shown crawling from under the ring. She sneaks up from behind Laurel and Sienna and attacks them.

Sans titre 8

In the ring, Sienna and Laurel attacks Rosemary straight in the match. Laurel hits a running drop kick on Rosemary after trying to choke her into the ropes. As the Disfigured Bride is gloating, Allie comes to help Rosemary by attacking Laurel.

Sans titre 11

KM appears on the ramp to distract Allie but Braxton Sutter takes care of him. Laurel attacks Allie and knocks her off the apron, while Rosemary is getting double teamed by Laurel and Sienna. Sienna hits a release German suplex on Rosemary, followed by a curb-stomp by Laurel. Sienna covers Rosemary for the victory.

Sans titre 11

Sonjay Dutt is shown on the streets of Mumbai, India, dressed in a traditional Indian attire and celebrating with his X-Division title. Meanwhile, LAX is still in Orlando invading local wrestling promotions to take the promoters payrolls.

India X-Division Champion, Sonjay Dutt

Jeremy Borash is in the ring with Mahabali Shera to introduce Sonjay Dutt, Indian dancers are following him in his way to the ring. They do a traditional Indian celebration with Dutt dancing along. Shera is still in the ring when Dutt talks about how great it feels to be the X-Division champion, a title he has tried to win the title for 15 years and he was able to win in front of his people in India.


Sonjay promises that he will be the greatest X Division champion that ever lived. But Low-Ki’s music hits to interrupt the celebration. Dutt asks him if he is here to congratulate him, what Low-Ki does for sportsmanship. But Low-Ki then credits Dutt’s victory to luck and the rightful place of the X- Division Title is around his waist. So he asks Dutt for a rematch. Dutt proposes a 2-out-of-3 falls match at Slammiversary. Dutt offers to shake hands in sportsmanship but Low-Ki answers with an attack on both Dutt and Shera.

Sans titre 13

Mahabali Shera vs. KM

Doctors are retaining Shera as he is bandaged up after the attack by Low-Ki. KM attacks Mahabali from behind and throws him straight into the ring apron. Back in the ring, KM tries to pin him quickly but Mahabali kicks out. KM continues the beat down on Shera, targeting his injured ribs. When KM misses with a springboard splash, Shera lifts up KM to hit the Sky High for the win.

Sans titre 14

Kongo Kong then makes his way to the ring and attack Mahabali. Kong misses a splash on Shera in the corner. Shera tries to counter both KM and Kong attacks but he’s quickly outnumbered. KM floors Shera and Kong hits a massive frog splash from the top rope.

Sans titre 16

JB and Joseph Park are now training in a pool. If JB splash is quite good, mostly in slow motion, Park nearly hits JB when he’s doing his. Both men hit a high five by the pool in slow motion.

And Moose tag team partner is…

Chris Adonis and Eli Drake are making their way to the ring. Drake is tired of hearing Moose chant from the crowd as Adonis is upset for the fans. Adonis claims Moose doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with the both of them, Drake adds that Moose has been involved in his business for way too long. After more mocking, Eli calls out Moose to get the answer on who his partner will be. Moose admits that Drake is right when he said he doesn’t have a partner in the Impact locker room. Moose announces that NFL star running back DeAngelo Williams will be his partner at Slammiversary.

 Drake and Adonis then attacked Moose and grounded him. They stand over Moose and taunt him.

Sans titre 17

IMPACT MAIN EVENT: Bobby Lashley & “E-Singh-3” vs. Alberto El Patron & ‘The Cowboy’ James Storm

Before the match begins, “E Singh 3” is seen meditating on the outside. But Storm goes straight after him but Carter tags Lashley. Lashley beats down on Storm in the corner but The Cowboy is able to battle back with clotheslines and tag El Patron. Lashley prefers to tag in Carter rather than facing off with him. Alberto attacks EC3 and sends him to the floor with a basement dropkick. Lashley is also sent outside after trying to attack El Patron from behind. Storm is sent over the top rope with the help of Alberto for a suicide dive onto Lashley and Carter.

Sans titre 18

Back from break, EC3 and Lashley are beating up Alberto in the corner as Alberto went for his double foot stomp during the break but was pushed off the top by Lashley. El Patron is pummeled by both Lashley and Carter but ends up rallying with a cross arm breaker in between the ropes on Carter. Carter and El Patron neutralize each other with a double clothesline, but Alberto is able to tag in Storm. He attacks Lashley who was tagged in too.

Sans titre 23

Storm hits a sling blade on Lashley, sends him into the corner and kicks him in the back.  Storm grabs Carter’s leather strap as the referee tries to stop him from using it. The distraction causes Lashley to come and attack Storm from behind. Storm is then sent to the outside as Lashley taunts El Patron and EC3 sends Storm head-first into the ramp. When Storm is sent back into the ring, Lashley hits a delayed vertical suplex. Near fall.

Sans titre 03

Lashley continues his attack on Storm into the ropes. EC3 is tagged in and takes Storm down with a front face lock. Storm gets out of the hold but is unable to tag El Patron as Lashley runs into the ring and prevents the referee from seeing Storm make the tag to Alberto. Lashley is now in the ring and power slams Storm, ready to get rid of him. But Carter tags an unhappy Lashley. Carter is kicked in the face by Storm, before a tornado DDT, but Storm needs a few seconds to reach the good corner and tags in Alberto. El Patron hits a series of clotheslines, a back breaker and a running enzuigiri on EC3. Lashley ends up slapping Carter to tag himself in. Lashley sends El Patron down with a reverse neck breaker but El Patron battles back with a backstabber. Near fall as Carter breaks up the count.

Sans titre 22

All 4 men are now battling to the top rope. Lashley takes all three men down from the top and powerbombs them. Lashley misses a spear on Alberto. Storm hits the last call kick on Lashley and Alberto then hits the big Si kick. El Patron then connects with the cross arm breaker but EC3 comes to breaking up the hold. Carter then grabs the leather strap as the referee tries to stop him. But EC3 ends up whipping the ref and gets his team disqualified.

Storm goes after Carter, gets his strap and chases him up the ramp as Alberto brawls with Lashley on the outside. He then grabs his GFW title and Lashley’s Impact World Championship as Impact ends with Alberto going into the crowd with both titles and posing with them.

Sans titre 21

If it’s said that things always come in threes, this third Indian episode was a little bit more disappointing than the previous. Great X-Division elimination match but the main event looks like a hot mess, as well as the rest of the show. Ten days before Slammiversary XV, the card, even it’s not complete yet, is meant to offer interesting matches and interesting fights…


Singles match to unify the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship and GFW Global Championship:  Lashley (Impact) vs. Alberto El Patrón (GFW)

Singles match to unify the Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship and GFW Women’s Championship: Rosemary (Impact) vs. Sienna (GFW)

2-out-of-3 Falls match for the Impact Wrestling X Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki

Tag team match: Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park vs. Josh Mathews and Scott Steiner

Strap Match: Ethan Carter III vs. James Storm

Tag team match: DeAngelo Williams and Moose vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake

Full Metal Mayhem Intergender tag team match: Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards vs. Davey Richards and Angelina Love

All pics and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling.