meadowlark - postcards

Bristol based duo Meadowlark round up their last few years of creating alt-pop music with their debut album Postcards, which dives straight into raw, emotional truth in the most delicate way.

The atmospheric ‘Headlights’, opens the record, looking back on past relationships, re-assessing the feelings and actions with the beauty of hindsight. This track is extremely exploratory, yet sets the tone of the album; songs that will take you deep into realms of emotion, all while providing a sound that ultimately lifts the mood. The band merge the soul of folk with upbeat electronica for a diversified album; shifting tone with each song while staying on theme all the way.

Almost immediately, Postcards has you singing along, and such familiarity is delivered in such a way that it is fondly welcomed, rather than disregarded as too simplistic. This in an album that pushes more buttons than boundaries, but rest assured, it’s all the right ones. Dipping in and out of gentle tones for in idyllic harmony, Postcards provides a place to reflect on feelings, whether that’s sharing that of Kate McGill and Dan Broadley, or using it to express your own.

‘Eyes Wide’, a track for which the duo are probably most well known, is one that you can feel in the pit of your stomach, an impactful number that is hard to ignore, with lyrics “hurts to love you” lingering in an all too haunting presence. Following this is ‘Fly’, a delicate number to soothe the pain, light and blissful. What comes next is ‘Interlude’, a track name that always seems to suggest something simple, yet effective, and this track executes this perfectly, drawing you in to a trance and setting up for the next half of the album.

Their most recent single release, ‘Body Lose’ carries the emotive path through, really tugging on all the heartstrings. Meanwhile, ‘Paraffin’ captures more elements of strength in love, supported by a slightly more upbeat tone to their sound.

Postcards is full of breathtaking moments, but what really does it is the tearful ‘That’s Life’; one of the more stripped back tracks, proving that sometimes less is more. A thought provoking number that cuts to the core despite its gentle composition. Perhaps because it lays everything bare, the lyrics more imposing than before. A beautifully brutal track about growing up and the inevitable loss of innocence that comes with it.

Of course, we can’t talk about this album without mention of its title track. ‘Postcards’ closes the album with messages to a past lover, the final recording straight from an original demo, raw with honest emotion. What makes this track extra special is the video put together by Broadley, featuring real messages to ex lovers from fans. It highlights the connection between Meadowlark and their fans, and to any listener that may fall in their path, the immediate connection they can build through their music.

Postcards speaks the pure truth, particularly in its rawest form, exploring a variety of emotions while maintaining an overall uplifting atmosphere. Explore the album and your thoughts all at once, or simply drift off into the blissful folk entwined with alt-pop magic that is Meadowlark.

Postcards is out now via Believe Recordings.

By Samantha Mae

Twitter @samaanthamae