Decade - vh at sd

After releasing their sophomore album, Pleasantries, in February – the follow up to their 2013 debut, Good Luck – Bath rock band Decade hit the stage at Slam Dunk Midlands. This is where the band’s front man, Alex Sears and guitarist Joe Marriner sat down with Vulture Hound to answer some difficult (and not so difficult) questions…


Tell me about your band

We’re called Decade, we are a rock band from Bath and we have just released an album called Pleasantries. That’s it!

Pleasantries came out after a reasonably long wait, depending on reports between 3 and 4 years, how has it gone down?

It seems to have been received pretty well, our initial worry was because it’s a change/development in sound we would lose some fans but our older fans seem to be on board for the most part. We’ve also had a lot of new people come along who haven’t heard us before but through radio or Spotify playlists are also getting involved. So yeah it’s really cool, the old fans are happy and we have new fans too so pretty ideal!

How has it gone down live?

It’s a different vibe for us, because Good Luck had more of a punkish element to it, it was a bit more pop punk and in terms of a live setting maybe a little easier to play and possibly more fun for the audience. In terms of dynamics Pleasantries is a very different set of songs to play live, it seems to us on stage that because it is more considered people stand back and listen to it happen. It may also be because people don’t know it as well.

This year you have been on tour a lot do you have any highlights so far?

We recently did a big European tour with Counterfeit and Tigress – the whole thing was amazing. We visited loads of places we would have never been. We ended up travelling through 11 different countries and played shows in 9 most of which we had never played in before. We went to Scandinavia for the first time, which was amazing we saw so much beautiful scenery. All the shows were great too there wasn’t one I looked back and thought there was a bad vibe or anything, everyone in Europe is happy to get involved and listen even though they don’t know the band.

The last release took a long time to come out are you working on the next one already?

The main thing for us is that Pleasantries came out in February, we had the final mixes at Christmas 2015 so it took well over a year to get it out, we had some mixes way before that. We had a similar thing with Good Luck where we were sat on the recordings for a year and a half between getting the final mixes and releasing it. So this time I don’t want to commit or jinx it but we don’t want to wait on it. We have been writing since the middle of last year, we’re going to just book some studio time give ourselves a deadline and get it done. The writing and recording processes are quite quick but it’s the behind the scenes stuff that we don’t have control over that makes us wait. It got to a point where people came to shows and knew the words to songs the albums before they were even released – which is crazy. We were thinking how do you even know the words to these songs, they’re not even out yet?!

In High Fidelity style what are you 5 favourite records of all time?

Oh no don’t do this, shall we try and agree on five between us that’s gotta be easier right?

OasisWhat’s the Story Morning Glory, we can definitely agree on that. GlassjawWorship and Tribute, WeezerBlue Album, maybe SlipnknotIowa or the self-titled, one of the two for sure…., let’s go Iowa just for convenience. Then Enema of the State or Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink 182… yeah they were my favourites when I was younger but not so much now. What about Brand NewDeja Entendu or Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance? I’m going to say Three Cheers… because I can see Frank Iero over there!

Pleasantries is out now on Rude Records.